Transformers: The Addiction

Transformers The MovieA long time ago when the Transformers cartoon was massive, I was a great fan. I never had the money to go out and get the Tranformers figures but my friend from 3 doors away could. We would watch a bit of Transformers and then play with the figures. Obviously as you get older you do forget about things apart from reminiscing about them now and then.

Transformers The Movie

They went and done it, they brought out the new movie. It has sent me Transformers mad again, I’m trying to get the original series (re-mastered) on DVD, I’ve bought posters, die-cast models, watched the movie twice at the cinema and listened to the album one hundred times to the frustration of Jen and to top it all off I nearly bought the sticker book.

The mad thing being that I don’t find it odd in the slightest. I have been called a big kid and told I need to grow up which brought about a response of “I am grown up thank you very much and I am quite happy with everything thinking I am mad for liking something which was so predominantly a part of my youth.”

You can find some photos of my die cast models in the flickr feed, however I won’t be putting the posters up until I have frames to put them in.

Obviously there will be people out there who have all the figurines from the first time Transformers was around, and they truly are the biggest fans of it but I am content with going crazy this time and I bet you Jen is hoping it doesn’t last to much longer… I might just go and watch the 1986 cartoon movie just to get even more excited. 🙂

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