Xbox 360: Lie it down or stand it up?

Xbox 360I saw my Birthday come and go and it was the greatest! Jen went and bought me an Xbox 360 Premium with 3 games;

  • Gears of War
  • Crackdown
  • Forza 2

I had played Gears of War before and wasn’t too impressed, it seemed a little repetitive for my liking and I have a lot of love for first person shooters. According to a friend who is a huge fan of GoW, there are more than enough who also think the same as him. Maybe it will just take some getting used too but it certainly doesn’t feel like a full blown shooter in my eyes. Surely there is more to come for the Xbox 360.

Forza 2 is a great game and I’ve been ploughing through it to get every achievement that I can, I’m yet to fill all of the achievements up and wonder if it will ever happen in the life time of owning the Xbox 360.

I havn’t even touched Crackdown yet as I’ve been putting so many hours in to Forza but I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty with it. I went out to buy Bioshock, Tranformers, Spiderman and Call of Duty 3 since and have had a go at all of them but Bioshock.

Xbox 360: Lie it down or stand it up?

Now here is the thing, when the PS2 came out people complained that it used to scratch the discs when being stood up on its end. Then Microsoft go out and make the Xbox 360 which can also be stood on its end.

Rolled up with all of the “red lights of death” and the problems with them over heating, which is better? I think I will keep mine stood up on its end but heavily cooled if I can and out of direct sunlight when it is being used. I havn’t noticed any problems with it so far and hopefully won’t in the future.

Oh yeah, I am on Xbox Live also so if anyone wants to add me my gamertag is “Maugantias”.

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