Saw 4 (IV) Review

Saw 4Saw 4 – Blood, Gore and More!

No it hasn’t finished, it is that time of year again where Saw has once again ‘graced’ our cinemas. Initially I thought Saw 4 was dragging it out a bit and it should have ended after the third. I even said that I wouldn’t go to see the fourth because I did not think I would enjoy it.

So why did I end up going to see it? Well I nearly didn’t. Jen certainly did not want to go and see it because Saw 3 was spent hiding behind me, but with nothing else on at the cinema at the moment worth watching or that I hadn’t seen I thought I should take myself along.

Can you randomly see Saw 4?

I would say no you can’t, the Saw movies are so intricately built around each other, and even with this one not being written by the same guy they are still following stories which are all blended together. Saw 4 might just be for the Saw fans, and from the quick searches I threw into google there are quite a few fan sites. I have now seen all of the Saw movies, would I call myself a fan? No, yes I like them but I am not into them in that way.

So how was the movie?

From the trailers I had seen before going I knew we were either up for another treat of a gore-fest OR in for a boring re-run of Saw 3. I was pleasantly surprised! From the outset the “oh my gods”, the shuffling in the seats from everyone trying to look away gripped the cinema. Two guys one with his eyes sewn up and one with his mouth sewn up connected by neck chains to a winch machine, there was only one way this was going to go down…

The main story is held together by the police again, but in Saw 4 it is different they become a lot more involved with what is going on and with some new characters involved the story does get more intriguing. I wouldn’t have bet on that happening but it did and I felt like I wanted to know what was going to happen well before it did again.

I will leave the story talking out because of the people going to see it, but all I will say is that it opens everything up again and there will be a Saw 5. There are some definite un-answered queries which I have but I can only guess that they will be answered in the next movie, ‘I hope’.

My overall view of the movie?

I did actually enjoy it, a lot more than Jen! The story had me hooked, the amount of gore was extreme and no doubt I will see Saw 5 just to answer the questions I have. I do even recommend it for the people who have seen Saw 1-3.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Movies landing on the big screen soon!

We’re looking at some big movies coming up over the next month or so, so here is my little run down of what we will be expecting at the movies soon.

Ratatouille – It’s Out!

Ratatouille arrived in our local cinema on Friday gone and I will be posting my review of it very shortly, probably within the next couple of days so I am not going to go into much detail about it just yet!

Saw IV – 26th October

Saw IV sees the fourth, yes the FOURTH installment of the halloween time horror which we have seen for the past few years coming out at the same time. Previous Saw movies have had people walking out of the cinema, screaming, shouting and hiding behind their seats.

Saw IV promises to be even gorier than the previous movies and if you have managed to catch the trailer you will find two men, one who can’t talk and one who can’t see shackled to some sort of killer machine that threatens to decapitate them both!

No doubt there will be more blood that the last 3 and I hope they have kept the good, stomach churning story lines where you are on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age – 2nd November

Back in 1998 Cate Blanchett shot to stardom in the period epic Elizabeth, nine years later and an Oscar in hand she is back playing Elizabeth. This time she is facing threats from the Spanish Armada, one of the largest naval fleets which has ever headed to the British Isles in anger, and a murder plot from her own Cousin. Nice eh!? I can see this being a great movie to be honest.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age Trailer

American Gangster – 16 November

Let’s talk about this one sensibly. Ridley Scott, Denzel Washington, Cuba Gooding Jr and Russell Crowe working together on the same movie. That combination has to open up anyone’s eyes. I am a massive fan of everyone who is involved in the movie so when they all come together to produce a movie about crime and gangsters I am hooked.

The American Gangster movie is about a man called Frank Lucas (Denzel Washington) who exploits a death in a crime family to go at it himself and become one of the most powerful men in Harlem, dealing in drugs that have been brought back from Vietnam in the coffins of dead soldiers.

Russell Crowe plays Richie Roberts, the brave man who sets out to take down Lucas. With a great cast and fantastic director, fireworks will be flying this November I think.

Fred Claus – 30th November

Wahey, a Christmas comedy movie!

Vince Vaughan who plays Fred Claus is the brother of the real Santa Claus. Fred is a bit of a bad man and thief who is sent off to the Claus household to sort his life out. Things don’t go to plan and Fred ends up causing trouble and havoc to the North Pole!

It’s always good to have a Christmas comedy I think, and this looks to be it!

Fred Claus Trailer.

The Heartbreak Kid Movie Review

heartbreak kid movieHeartbreak Kid, Eddie (Ben Stiller) is an un-married 40 year old who has not been with a woman long enough to marry and finds himself being the only one out of the people he grew up with not being paired up with someone.

On the way back from his ex’s wedding he runs in to an apparent mugging. This is the first meeting with Lila (Malin Akerman). They embark on an incredibly fast romantic twist, whereby Lila doesn’t exactly tell the truth or reveal the full facts of her life.

Proposing shortly afterwards and rushing to their honeymoon Eddie soon realises that not everything is normal about Lila in the Heartbreak Kid.

My take on The Heartbreak Kid

A lot more ‘adult’ than I thought it was going to be, with the honeymoon romp involving a fully naked Malin Akerman going at it like a crazed mad woman wanting it hilariously hard! Soon after the first night, Eddie finds that Lila becomes more and more different, and the more different things about her that are revealed the funnier the film actually gets.

I did find that at some points Heartbreak Kid did try and become to funny for it’s own good and took away good parts of the movie. Other members of the cast which brought some comedy were Jerry Stiller who I thought was the main comedy genius ahead of Ben Stiller due to him not having a major part in the movie. His comical side was brought in at different times throughout the film which left me laughing.

My Conclusion

I will not be buying it on DVD, however it was not a waste of time either. It did make me laugh at quite a few points throughout the movie, and I did find it a lot more adult orientated than I had thought it was going to be. Depending on your own sense of humour you would either think it was hilarious and you loved it or it simply wasn’t your thing.

It was one of Stiller’s better movies in my opinion however the story could have been a little bit shorter.

Overall Score: 3/5

The Kingdom Movie

the kingdom movieMovie Outline

From the outset the story for The Kingdom was clear, bad guys went into an American civilian compound in “The Kingdom” shot up quite a few of the population, in the panic they start fleeing into the direction of a suicide bomber. A lot of people are either killed or injured and the rescue mission ensues. An hour after it starts another huge explosion takes out 80% of the emergency services and police force who are trying to help, meanwhile this is all being video’d by terrorists on the top floor of a local block of apartments.

The story leads on to the F.B.I group of four people going over to the The Kingdom to find the perpetrators and the trouble they have to go to to find those involved.

What was my take on The Kingdom

I do not want to say too much about the movie so I do not spoil it as it has only just came to the screen in the UK.

I thought it was a decent enough movie, there was a lot of political involvement and immediately when I started watching I thought “here we go again…”. I truly thought it was going to be another gung-ho American might movie. I am not a personal know-it-all on Saudi politics, so not sure if the film was entirely truthful, but was very interesting to go in there with an open mind. It seemed to me like there were 3 types of people on their side, the insurgents, the police who wanted to help and then the other group who didn’t really care what happened who were just happy living with anything. The latter being the individuals who were trying to stop the investigation getting any further than the F.B.I landing on the tarmac.

The generalisation of events that are going on in the world today made the film interesting and although obvious from an American perspective no matter how they tried to twist it had a very deep meaning end to it, it did make you think and most of the audience left very quietly obviously going over their own thoughts.

The Kingdom Trailer

The Cast

Ashraf Barhom, Jamie Foxx and Jason Bateman put in a good performance. Barhom was a constantly good character with a lot of humour going between Bateman and himself.

It was good to see Foxx in a decent role and The Kingdom was a good movie after Miami Vice which I didn’t enjoy.

Overall Rating: 4/5