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The Kingdom Movie

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From the outset the story for The Kingdom was clear, bad guys went into an American civilian compound in “The Kingdom” shot up quite a few of the population, in the panic they start fleeing into the direction of a suicide bomber. A lot of people are either killed or injured and the rescue mission ensues. An hour after it starts another huge explosion takes out 80% of the emergency services and police force who are trying to help, meanwhile this is all being video’d by terrorists on the top floor of a local block of apartments.

The story leads on to the F.B.I group of four people going over to the The Kingdom to find the perpetrators and the trouble they have to go to to find those involved.

What was my take on The Kingdom

I do not want to say too much about the movie so I do not spoil it as it has only just came to the screen in the UK.

I thought it was a decent enough movie, there was a lot of political involvement and immediately when I started watching I thought “here we go again…”. I truly thought it was going to be another gung-ho American might movie. I am not a personal know-it-all on Saudi politics, so not sure if the film was entirely truthful, but was very interesting to go in there with an open mind. It seemed to me like there were 3 types of people on their side, the insurgents, the police who wanted to help and then the other group who didn’t really care what happened who were just happy living with anything. The latter being the individuals who were trying to stop the investigation getting any further than the F.B.I landing on the tarmac.

The generalisation of events that are going on in the world today made the film interesting and although obvious from an American perspective no matter how they tried to twist it had a very deep meaning end to it, it did make you think and most of the audience left very quietly obviously going over their own thoughts.

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The Cast

Ashraf Barhom, Jamie Foxx and Jason Bateman put in a good performance. Barhom was a constantly good character with a lot of humour going between Bateman and himself.

It was good to see Foxx in a decent role and The Kingdom was a good movie after Miami Vice which I didn’t enjoy.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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