Christmas Movies To Watch

Christmas MoviesChristmas Movies Number 1 – Cloverfield Movie | 1-18-08

One of the most intriguing Christmas Movies trailers I have ever seen, the cloverfield movie trailer has had my thinking cap on for the best of 3 months now.

Originally I was shown the first movie trailer when the movie was going without a name, only a date. Just what is it that starts tearing up the city? Godzilla? Apparently not!? King Kong? Apparently not!?

It is another one of those wait and see movies so I hope it lives up to the furore it has opened up.

Christmas Movies Number 2- I Am Legend

Will Smith staring in what is set to be another blockbuster movie after “Pursuit of Happyness”.

Will Smith plays a man called Robert Neville, a scientist who could not contain a virus that is incurable. Neville, finding himself immune to the virus is the last human survivor in New York City.

Finding that he is not alone and surrounded by the mutated victims of the deadly virus who can only survive in the darkness. The I Am Legend Trailer looks very good indeed and seems to leave a lot of the action out that is probably in the movie.

Personally I am looking forward to this coming out half way through December.

Christmas Movies Number 3 – Fred Claus Movie

I know I have mentioned the movie before however the Fred Claus Trailer 2 is out now. A good christmas comedy movie which I will be heading to see when it comes out in the UK

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