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I am LegendLeading up to Christmas you would expect that things in life would be calming down, most people would be finishing up their working week today and setting up for the Christmas festivities next week. However the movie industry is about to land us with a number of movies which are going to be eagerly awaited filling up my movie diary.

I had thought I was going to have some down-time over Christmas and only expecting to be at the cinema once on Boxing Day to see ‘I Am Legend‘ but things never go as planned and the ‘P.S I Love You‘ movie is out on the 4th January 2008. I know it is a girly movie in my movie diary but sometimes us men just have to lump it and get dragged along to these things. I thought ‘Holiday’ was going to be a boring sit down but it was one of my favourite films of the year.

A list of the movies that are coming out in date order to fill your movie diary are below with a little excerpt from the storyline, some I am itching to see and others are going to be an interesting watch to see how they turn out.

P.S. I Love You – 04/01/2008

movie diaryHilary Swank plays Holly Kennedy, a young woman who is married to the love of her life, an Irishman called Gerry played by Gerard Butler (Mission Impossible). When Gerry’s passes away due to illness it flattens Holly and she finds that the only person who can bring her round and back out of depression is the person she loved the most, thankfully Gerry had it all planned in advance. I have caught the P.S I Love You trailer and it actually does look pretty good.


I wasn’t sure on this to start off with, I thought it was going to Charlie Wilsons Warbe some kind of quirky Tom Hanks movie which I wouldn’t have thought he was going to be good at however the trailer’s are looking promising.

Tom Hanks plays Charlie Wilson, a Texas Congressman who pours money into Afghanistan to fund the fighters against the Russians. Funny isn’t it really that the same money has now caused the problems we are having today. It will be interesting to see how it fairs with the press.

RAMBO – 28/01/2008

Can anyone actually believe at the age of Stallone that he is still kicking some serious ass in the jungle? I mean come on!? He doesn’t exactly look in the same shape as he has been in compared to recent years. I know I should keep telling myself that it might not be everything I am expecting and that I should definitely be wary but this is Rambo it can’t be any worse than the originals and a good addition to the movie diary. Give me blood, give me gore, give me John Rambo kicking some ass with a big knife and bow and arrow and I will be quite happy to sit there and watch! The Rambo IV trailer can now be viewed online, this one is tamed down compared to the mis-match ones you can find on youtube where the .50 cal obliterates a guys body.


Following up from the first movie, ‘Book of Secrets’ hits the screens in early February. I honestly don’t know much about this movie as yet due to me only seeing the Book of Secrets Trailer once. I did enjoy the first movie and am looking forward to seeing this one.

Filling the Movie Diary

I could go on and on putting together a list to fill your movie diary however I think I might because this a regular type of list, maybe 2 monthly (opinions welcome).

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