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If you have managed to view the ‘I Am Legend Trailer‘ you will know that the I Am Legend movie is about a man all by himself in New York City, the sole survivor of a deadly virus which has wiped out the population apart from the odd animal and his dog.

I Am Legend

Will Smith plays Robert Neville, a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S Forces and scientist who has been trying to control the virus that could potentially kill of the worlds population. The I Am Legend movie gives an insight into what happens when virus’s are played with not knowing what the full extent of nature playing can take. The movie follows Neville’s movements around the city whilst trying to find a cure, he has been in the city for 3 years just long enough for the emotional and behavioural issues to start taking hold of a man who has been isolated for so long.

The virus kills but also mutates the infected into killing machines that come out at night looking to feed on anything and anyone that could be roaming the city. Neville is running out of time to find a cure by himself or with anyone else that he can find by sending radio broadcasts out daily to find any other survivors that like him are all alone in a very isolated world.


I Am Legend Photo 1I had been pre-warned before going that the movie was a drag and it had been given a rating of one star by a number of different people I had spoken to, however with everything different people have different views and I was headed off to see the movie regardless.

I believe people were heading into the movie with the wrong idea and had their hearts set on a gore-fest with Will Smith versus the Ugly people! It’s not a gore-fest movie but I did leave my seat by a couple of inches in a number of places due to an un-expected happening. A lot of people left the cinema vocally expressing their feelings about the movie in a bad way, I don’t believe the movie is bad however and it was simply them thinking they were there to see a different kind of movie.

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Will Smith put in a fantastic performance, being able to act out the behavioural issues you would go through when you have been by yourself for so long yet still not losing his cool under pressure. Together with his sterling performance, the action scenes in the movie and special effects were top notch which dragged it straight out of getting cursed at any more by the viewers. Robert Neville’s dog “Sam” is also a great part in the movie, and the movie does rely a lot on the relationship he has with Sam as his part-protector and best friend.

Will Smith’s real life daughter played in the first movie with her father as Robert Neville’s daughter and although a short part in the movie we would expect her back soon to have another shot.


Don’t read to much in to views people have about this movie, go and see it for yourself after all it is worth seeing in my view unlike ‘We Own The Night’ which I wouldn’t wish on anyone’s soul. I Am Legend was a sell out, every viewing from 11am through to 9pm was sold out. I had pre-booked the tickets 4 days before to avoid disappointment. It doesn’t get an all singing all dancing score out of ten yet definitely worth a watch.


As my previous post stated we are in for a right good old treat over the next couple of months with a whole host of movies that need to be seen. It is just a matter of getting round to viewing them so I will leave that question open for now.

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  1. I saw this film this afternoon with my daughter and am still thinkng about it! I thought it was great – in particular as it didn’t have the pappy, sentimental ending one normally associates with this type of film. Also Will Smith and ‘Sam’ rocked!!

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