Book Review: Eight Lives Down


Eight Lives DownWho is the man that wrote eight lives down? Major Chris Hunter is his name. Chris Hunter joined the British Army in 1989 when he was only sixteen years old. He was commissioned at Sandhurst at twenty-one and later qualified as a couter-terrorist bomb disposal operator. He served with various counter-terrorism units and during his eventful career deployed to various theatres around the world, including the Balkans, Northern Ireland, Colombia, Afghanistan and finally Iraq.

Chris Hunter is a legend in his own right and was awarded the Queen’s Gallantry Medal by HM Queen Elizabeth II.


In just 2 months I have read around 3-4 books, I am actually losing count. Two of those books were military based, the first being “3 Para” which I didn’t review and “Sniper One” which I did. Both books were tremendous, and it was really difficult to pick a favourite but finally managed to find Sniper One being the better written book. Don’t get me wrong, both of the books are terrific and definitely worth buying regardless.

So after two military books I was wondering if I should have a break and read something completely different just in case I managed to get myself a bit bored of reading about the same subject however one afternoon I picked up “Eight Lives Down” and started reading.


I read the first few chapters of eight lives down and complained about the writing style, I didn’t get why Chris had written the book in such an “I did this” and “I did that” story line. I also couldn’t grasp the way he used on average 7 words per sentence over and over again. I managed to stick with it and pressed on for a further few chapters and by god the book burst into life! Imagine a book that has you so on the edge of your seat with descriptives that make you feel that you actually feel like you were there. I was personally in the British Army as a Royal Engineer and never made it out to a deployment before leaving, and personally now think my life is worth way more than the wages I was being paid. Eight lives down had me on tender-hooks, I could imagine our lads over there, my mates doing the Royal Engineer Search Team job while Chris was off clearing bombs.

I would usually have tried to put together a review when I was getting close to the end of a book, however with this one I had to finish it all. I needed to know how it ended after learning so much about Chris and his colleagues during the book you wanted to find out more about them.

It is a truly brilliant read!

Charlie Wilson’s War Review


Charlie Wilson

Charlie Wilson was a congressman, not a usual congressman but one who loved the high life of using his name and intrepid personality to get the things he wanted.

Charlie Wilson is best known for leading the support for the largest CIA covert operation in Afghanistan against the Soviets. In the summer of 1980, Charlie Wilson read an Associated Press dispatch on the wire that gave him information about hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing from Afghanistan in to surrounding countries. Notably the American Government were not paying much attention to this and Wilson contacted a member of the US Congressional Appropriates Committee and asked him to double the amount of money that was going into CIA Black-Ops.


The movie is portrayed as a true story of how the unusual congressman Charlie Wilson, a CIA agent called Gust Avrakotos, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman (who understood his job and the need to do it no matter what) and Houston socialite Joanne Herring played by Julia Roberts worked together to lead the largest, successful covert operation in history. (Not that it was that covert mind)

The effort of these three people consequently brought about the fall of the Soviet Union war in Afghanistan and ended the Cold War. The efforts also have caused some of the problems in that part of the world today.

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9 Funny Spam Emails


For years now I have wondered why spammers spam. When I first ventured on to the internet back in the day I used to get funny spam emails by everyone and everything, more so by shops that I would never buy a thing from. Over the years the spammers have seemed to become un-educated idiots sending out unsolicited garbage to people who don’t want to listen to their drivel. But a lot of them are funny spam emails.

Some people are still falling for the scams that these spam mails entail, come on people if someone is called Roger Digeridoo from flippin Nigeria and his Grandad made millions and it’s locked in a bank in the Ivory Coast do you think it’s true!!! Fair play to them, they are probably locked up in a box in the middle of a desert somewhere tied to a chair churning out the same rubbish into an email all day, every day but please the other million people and ME ESPECIALLY do not want your constant spam-garbage!


funny spam emails

I am not sure if people are trying to tell me something, but everytime I receive an email like those in my recycle bin I start to feel less of a man and have to seek Jen for a reassurance that everything is A-OK! Where do the spammers get such personal information!?

On a serious note, why on earth do the spammers just spam these days about bloody viagra!? Is it the best drug in the world to make money from?
I am sure it isn’t, so why waste time filling up my inbox with such turd! I am sure singing in the street, dancing round like a prat would make you more money.


I recently received a set of emails from a scammer who was looking to purchase a few of my domain names that I have up for sale, after a slight glitch in the guys English I thought I would begin corrective dialogue with this wretched little soul and things went a little bit like this…

? If you buy them both now for ?10000 I will provide you with the world renowned gummy bear juice with the domain names sent straight to your door. The Gummy Bear juice issues you with super bouncing power that you can use to scam other people with your profound Swahili antics! ?

Funny that he didn’t reply, I would have actually spent the £1.75 on a bottle of Ribena just to see him start hopping around like a mad-man thinking it was real.

Jen then received an email from a Roger Geewhiz who needed to get to his 850’000’000 dollars, and all of her personal details, a picture and a cheque from her to get the money released. We both had a bit of a giggle at how we could reply to the said scammer and came up with;

? I can only do this if I produce Gummy Bear Juice but I don’t have any… can you help me? Bonsoir. p.s. As a Teacher I feel the need to tell you that your English skills need addressing… I will be pleased to help you with this for a charge of 950’000’000 dollars per hour. I feel this is a reasonable amount due to the weak dollar or alternatively you quid quit the scamming that no-one falls for as we have more brains than you and your scamming friends have rubbed together and get yourself a REAL job, stop scamming the general public.
Best Regards Retard
Shanice Belingui
Your 4 Legged Sister from Shanghai ?


Please stop wasting your time and spamming me and everyone else, I only have so much time in the day to think of a story and reply to you! 🙂

P.S. I Love You Review

P.S. I Love You?

Hilary Swank plays Holly Kennedy in P.S. I Love You, a smart and beautiful woman married to the love of her life, an Irishman called Gerry, played by Gerard Butler (Mission Impossible, 300). When Gerry passes away from a brain tumor it knocks the wind out of Holly, she doesn’t know what to do and is in total shock. This is until her 30th birthday when a cake is delivered from Gerry. Inside the cake is a recorded message from Gerry telling her to get out of her flat and celebrate herself. Gerry also explains that he will be sending her letters in the coming weeks and months delivered in a range of ways taking her on a journey, a journey that will inevitably let her life move on.

P.S. I Love You

Holly’s best friends Denise played by Lisa Kudrow (Friends) and Sharon played by Gina Gershon in P.S. I Love You, as well as Holly’s mother played by Kathy Bates follow her throughout her journey of letters bringing more fun to the story.


ps i love you1

As soon as Holly embarks on her letter journey the laughter and tears begin, it is such an emotional roller-coaster you don’t know whether you are coming or going. Harry Connick Jr. plays Daniel, the guy with tourettes syndrome who works in Holly’s Mums bar. At the wake for Gerry, Daniel takes an immediate shine to Holly and they get on really well, with Daniel and his tourettes putting his foot in it everytime he opens his mouth. Harry Connick Jr. has never really been an actor which I have enjoyed watching but in this movie he was superb, I laughed so much it hurt and Lisa Kudrow was as hilarious in this as she is in Friends. I’ve never laughed at a movie so much where I thought it would be so morbid.

This didn’t stop the movie being as serious as it was funny, across the whole cinema from the moment everyone found out that Gerry died (which is at the beginning) there were tears and sniffles being heard. Jen was one of the people crying.

The movie had an immediate impact and did make you think a lot, I haven’t forgotten one line which said “we’re all alone, but we’re all together doing it.” I personally thought the movie was on the same girly scale as “The Holiday” and “Music and Lyrics“, but this movie had something added to it, you were given a sense of realism, that it could happen due to people going through the same feeling the world over when they lose someone.


I have looked quickly over the net at other reviews for P.S. I Love You and every single one I read had negative things to say about the movie, if these were done by people outside of the UK then I think they must have a different take on things to us Brits as from what I heard everyone seemed to love it. It may be that our sense of humor is better!? Granted Hilary Swank probably wasn’t the best female actress to play a soppy movie but the comedy and storyline over took her I think.

Negative reviews? Rubbish! Get yourself to the cinema and watch it for yourself, I am a man, I don’t do girly chick flicks, I don’t do soppy boring movies for girls but this movie is hilarious! I laughed so much it hurt. It’s going to be hard pushed to find a movie this January that is going to beat it in my review scores even though Rambo is out on the 25th.

Gordon Ramsay A Review of his books

I’ve been reading a lot lately, more than I ever have in my life. Not sure how I fell into this ‘reading zone’ but I am definitely hooked. So much so that I have completed 5 books in around 8 weeks which is some pretty good reading by anyone’s standards. I actually read the two Gordon Ramsay books before Sniper One but Sniper One being such a good book became a priority to write about.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay was a normal run of the mill celebrity chef and ‘the bloke that swears a lot’ on TV before I noticed Gordon Ramsay Playing with Fire in the book store. I think it was the big red cover that caught my eye at first. I didn’t realise he had written autobiography before and thought Humble Pie was a cookery book. haha. I went and read half of the book before buying Humble Pie on the flight to London I took in December. By the time I arrived back home I had read half of Humble Pie as well so I carried on and finished it.


Humble Pie gives a massive insight in to who Gordon Ramsay is as a person, most people recognise him from the TV shows, some people dislike him because of the same shows as well. I think that to find out more about a celebrity that is worth their salt as a person you have to read their autobiography. Celebrities don’t always want you to know about their past, most try to hide it however in Humble Pie Gordon Ramsay gives a no-holds-barred account of his upbringing, living in numerous different locations whilst he was growing up with his sisters and brothers. Gordon Ramsey goes in to particular detail about his rocky relationship with his father, the strained relationship with his brother and his love for his mum.


You actually find out about everything, Gordon Ramsay say’s in the book – “No one has anything on me because it’s all here in black and white”. Fair play to the man as some of the things in the book are highly personal and even most joe bloggs’ would want to keep them quiet. I found out that he isn’t an idiot that stands and shouts and swears all the time. You find out about how he started, where he started and how he got the chance to go from nothing to everything. He talks about this football career and his football injury that stopped him from playing for Rangers. Gordon Ramsay has so much passion for what he does it is incredible. I couldn’t care less now that he swears, he does it because of his passion for his work.

If you want to find out more about Gordon Ramsay then this is definitely the book for you.


Playing with Fire

Someone asked me last week if there were any differences between the two books as they didn’t want to sit and read the same lines and chapters for a second time for no reason. I quickly replied, “huge differences”. Playing with Fire is more business orientated. It goes into a lot more detail of where he started and where his chances of success came from.

You quickly realise that Gordon Ramsay knows EXACTLY what he is talking about, his business and work ethic is extraordinary. Using this he and his father-in-law Chris have amassed a substantial company as well as Gordon Ramsay’s own business (his Books, TV appearences etc). He talks about his dealings with Blackstone and delves into detail about his individual restaurants, about how they started and if they ran in to any problems. He talks about his Chef’s, most of which followed him throughout his career or he head-hunted to get in to his restaurants.

In Playing with Fire he talks about his run-in with the tax man, and although very very serious the way it is written comes out quite funny and you can imagine him getting to the end of his tether. His TV appearances and other things are covered in detail. It’s truly amazing to see how much the TV stations wanted him on their books rather than a different party. At the time of writing the book Gordon Ramsay seemed to be very busy with planning future enterprises, whether that be Gordon Ramsay Holdings or his own.

I actually enjoyed Playing with Fire more than Humble Pie, possibly because I wanted to know about his business ethic more than anything else but both are still worth a read.