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Eight Lives DownWho is the man that wrote eight lives down? Major Chris Hunter is his name. Chris Hunter joined the British Army in 1989 when he was only sixteen years old. He was commissioned at Sandhurst at twenty-one and later qualified as a couter-terrorist bomb disposal operator. He served with various counter-terrorism units and during his eventful career deployed to various theatres around the world, including the Balkans, Northern Ireland, Colombia, Afghanistan and finally Iraq.

Chris Hunter is a legend in his own right and was awarded the Queen’s Gallantry Medal by HM Queen Elizabeth II.


In just 2 months I have read around 3-4 books, I am actually losing count. Two of those books were military based, the first being “3 Para” which I didn’t review and “Sniper One” which I did. Both books were tremendous, and it was really difficult to pick a favourite but finally managed to find Sniper One being the better written book. Don’t get me wrong, both of the books are terrific and definitely worth buying regardless.

So after two military books I was wondering if I should have a break and read something completely different just in case I managed to get myself a bit bored of reading about the same subject however one afternoon I picked up “Eight Lives Down” and started reading.


I read the first few chapters of eight lives down and complained about the writing style, I didn’t get why Chris had written the book in such an “I did this” and “I did that” story line. I also couldn’t grasp the way he used on average 7 words per sentence over and over again. I managed to stick with it and pressed on for a further few chapters and by god the book burst into life! Imagine a book that has you so on the edge of your seat with descriptives that make you feel that you actually feel like you were there. I was personally in the British Army as a Royal Engineer and never made it out to a deployment before leaving, and personally now think my life is worth way more than the wages I was being paid. Eight lives down had me on tender-hooks, I could imagine our lads over there, my mates doing the Royal Engineer Search Team job while Chris was off clearing bombs.

I would usually have tried to put together a review when I was getting close to the end of a book, however with this one I had to finish it all. I needed to know how it ended after learning so much about Chris and his colleagues during the book you wanted to find out more about them.

It is a truly brilliant read!

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  1. i there i would just like to congratulate Maj Chris Hunter on such an amazing book which is the first book i have attempted and stuck at till the end congratulations again and what a fantastic book !!!!

  2. I’m in the middle of the book, still reading. It’s amazing! The acronyms can b a pain, bt congrats Chris for a fantastic read.

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