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P.S. I Love You?

Hilary Swank plays Holly Kennedy in P.S. I Love You, a smart and beautiful woman married to the love of her life, an Irishman called Gerry, played by Gerard Butler (Mission Impossible, 300). When Gerry passes away from a brain tumor it knocks the wind out of Holly, she doesn’t know what to do and is in total shock. This is until her 30th birthday when a cake is delivered from Gerry. Inside the cake is a recorded message from Gerry telling her to get out of her flat and celebrate herself. Gerry also explains that he will be sending her letters in the coming weeks and months delivered in a range of ways taking her on a journey, a journey that will inevitably let her life move on.

P.S. I Love You

Holly’s best friends Denise played by Lisa Kudrow (Friends) and Sharon played by Gina Gershon inĀ P.S. I Love You, as well as Holly’s mother played by Kathy Bates follow her throughout her journey of letters bringing more fun to the story.


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As soon as Holly embarks on her letter journey the laughter and tears begin, it is such an emotional roller-coaster you don’t know whether you are coming or going. Harry Connick Jr. plays Daniel, the guy with tourettes syndrome who works in Holly’s Mums bar. At the wake for Gerry, Daniel takes an immediate shine to Holly and they get on really well, with Daniel and his tourettes putting his foot in it everytime he opens his mouth. Harry Connick Jr. has never really been an actor which I have enjoyed watching but in this movie he was superb, I laughed so much it hurt and Lisa Kudrow was as hilarious in this as she is in Friends. I’ve never laughed at a movie so much where I thought it would be so morbid.

This didn’t stop the movie being as serious as it was funny, across the whole cinema from the moment everyone found out that Gerry died (which is at the beginning) there were tears and sniffles being heard. Jen was one of the people crying.

The movie had an immediate impact and did make you think a lot, I haven’t forgotten one line which said “we’re all alone, but we’re all together doing it.” I personally thought the movie was on the same girly scale as “The Holiday” and “Music and Lyrics“, but this movie had something added to it, you were given a sense of realism, that it could happen due to people going through the same feeling the world over when they lose someone.


I have looked quickly over the net at other reviews for P.S. I Love You and every single one I read had negative things to say about the movie, if these were done by people outside of the UK then I think they must have a different take on things to us Brits as from what I heard everyone seemed to love it. It may be that our sense of humor is better!? Granted Hilary Swank probably wasn’t the best female actress to play a soppy movie but the comedy and storyline over took her I think.

Negative reviews? Rubbish! Get yourself to the cinema and watch it for yourself, I am a man, I don’t do girly chick flicks, I don’t do soppy boring movies for girls but this movie is hilarious! I laughed so much it hurt. It’s going to be hard pushed to find a movie this January that is going to beat it in my review scores even though Rambo is out on the 25th.

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