Homeopath Hell!


So, following on from my coffee addiction post, I ended up going cold-turkey and literally stopping all intake of any type of fizzy drink, cups of tea and coffee and crap food.

This all happened thanks to a visit that Jen made to a homeopath in Newcastle. She was having a few issues with what she was eating and it was causing some discomfort. She had a chat with the homeopath and found out that she was intolerant to a whole host of foods including anything with yeast like breads etc. There were other big no-no’s such as fizzy pop, coffee, chocolate and other stuff that you shouldn’t be having anyway just out of common sense.

When we arrived home, we had a chat about the whole homeopath session, and I knew I had to give up on the coffee anyway so decided to help Jen along with this new way of eating and started it with her.


I’ve done all manner of crazy things with regards to eating habits in the past. I’ve eaten too much, I’ve eaten too little. I’ve been big, I’ve been thin and I have been very muscular. Nothing prepared me for eating what most scientists would call “bird food”.

Bird Food

My current diet is as follows,

  • Breakfast – Piece of fruit and one or two glasses of water
  • Lunch – Slice of soya bread with some philli spread
  • Evening Meal – Some sort of meat like pork or chicken with veg (no sauces)

In between eating what seems like starvation, I get to have fruit. Eating little and often apparently is the key to keeping your metabolism going throughout the day. This is all different to what I have been doing in the past, I have never stuck to a diet and relied purely on either under-eating on purpose (which was stupid in hindsight) or going to the gym more.

Now I wouldn’t say that the homeopath is bad, I think what Jen needs to do to get rid of her problems is a very difficult thing to do. You literally go on something similar to the Atkin’s Diet, bit worrying considering some people have died on a similar diet. It is very very strict, and oddly we keep calling it a diet when it’s not. It is simply changing your eating habits which in turn acts like a diet when you are not used to it.


So far I have had some serious headaches with just dropping coffee and bottles of coke out of my diet. I am trying to drink more water, as much as I can really to keep myself hydrated.

Apparently according to the scales I have managed to lose 4lbs in 3 1/2 days which is rapid weight loss and not the type of weight loss I want to be doing. Rapid weight loss is good because you see the numbers on the scales drop very quickly however when you lose weight so quickly it also goes back on just as quick. I will be keeping an eye on my weight for the next couple of days to see how things are going. If things carry on the way they are I will simply stop the ultra-controlled diet and continue to cut out of the bottles of coke, coffee and rubbish food but eat more substantially than I have been.

I think I will blog my progress to show how things are going.

John Rambo Rocks!


Holy mother of god! First things first, what the hell are Odeon playing at not showing John Rambo!? They showed the trailers but forgot to get the movie. Not sure of the real reason they were not showing it but I bet they’ve missed out on a huge amount of money as Empire Cinema was packed out, not one single seat was left to occupy.

john rambo

So if no one knows what the whole John Rambo thing is about you have been locked in a cave most of your life and never viewed one of those box things that show pretty pictures usually plugged in to some kind of aerial or satellite.


If people think this is just going to be another John Rambo movie which is pretty crap with rubbish special effects and a naff story line, think again!

If you are remotely squeemish and dodged looking at the screen through Saw 4 then seriously don’t bother going to see it. The movie is by far and away one of the most effective I have seen at producing real combat special effects. If people think there is no blood in war then Rambo is a proven example of just how bad or if not worse it can get.

There is no shortage of 50cal machine guns tearing through buildings and people. Villagers getting cut in half, heads being exploded and limbs getting thrown about it ten different directions and that is before I even start on what the mortar fire was capable of. John Rambo’s hands are another capable weapon which he puts to good use.

Rambo 1I read somewhere this week that in the first John Rambo movie there was only 84 people killed, in the second movie there was something like 126. The same piece of reading told me that 246 people died in the Rambo movie and one within the first 10 seconds of it starting. There is no messing about, they have certainly pulled out all the stops to give the viewer a kick ass ride through the most gruelling action movie.


In comparison to other movies Rambo is;

? Saving Private Ryan with more blood and way more broken up body parts.

? Rambo is Tears of the Sun with more flies sniffing round way more dead people.

? Rambo is Saw 4 with guns and explosions.

? Rambo is one of the most shocking movies in the way prisoners are treated in a way they were in Schindler’s List.


It’s like this, if you like John Rambo anyway you will love the movie. If you love action films you will love the movie. If you love gore you will love the movie. If you like all three of those things you are in for a decent sit down!

Of course with every John Rambo movie there is that corny side to it, how the hell he manages to find his kit bag for the end of the movie and it’s still in mint condition after nearly 30 years I have no idea! It did make me laugh. Stallone did put in a much better performance than I thought he would. Some of the supporting actors were a bit naff but the action made up for it, the special effects were awesome and I am still wondering how they pulled some of them off.

How to stop my coffee addiction?


When I was younger I was never really a hot drink drinker, my soft spot was always milk. I used to drink pints and pints of the stuff usually with a Jammie Dodger as I am always partial to one of those as well. 🙂 It wasn’t until the first part of my Army career when my drinking habits changed and I stopped drinking milk and become addicted to Dr Pepper. How that happened I’ve no idea but I used to go through 500ml bottles of it per day.

Later on in my Army career I noticed everyone else drank “hot brew’s”. I thought I would never be a brew drinker thanks to my lack of ability to drink something when it is steaming hot. However, slowly I became quite happy with drinking a nice cup of coffee with two sugars. I blame my coffee addiction of Dr Pepper for the amount of sugar I have in a coffee.

Once the initial shock was over of drinking a hot drink, I started to NEED a cup of coffee and regularly had one in my hand even if I wasn’t drinking it. I am stil un-aware of whether this was down to boredom or because I had a coffee addiction. In my head it tastes REALLY nice.


The first thing I have on a morning is a cup of coffee, I don’t drink tea unless something has seriously gone wrong or there’s a major catastrophe and there is no coffee in the house/office. I don’t do this because I need “perked up” or I think it will help me get my head straight. I drink it because it tastes nice. Could I drink water? or milk for that matter, yes I am sure I could but I cannot stop myself from drinking coffee which bring me on to my next point.


I need to find a sure way I can stop drinking coffee, preferably for good to stop my coffee addiction. I would think it is doing horrendous things to my body internals never mind my dentals. I have managed before to stop drinking bottles of coke, needless to say I went through a few days of headaches, the shakes and not being able to sleep properly but once I stopped I felt sooo much better.

So if anyone knows of a way to curb my coffee addiction or possibly reduce the amount that you are drinking, please please get in touch!

Definitely Maybe is pretty good!


Ryan Reynolds plays Will Hayes in Definitely Maybe, a mid-thirties Dad living in New York. With the arrival of his divorce papers on his work desk, the story starts. He picks up his 10 year old daughter Maya from school where they have been taught sex education and she starts to question her Dad about his life before his marriage.

The rollercoaster story of Definitely Maybe starts then with Will Hayes looking back over his life and telling Maya the story about his past relationships. He changes the names of the women involved and it is up to Maya to work out which one of the women is her mother.

Definitely maybe

The story starts in 1992, Will Hayes is 24 years old and wishing he was the President of the United States. He sets off from Wisconsin to New York leaving “Emily” behind. Emily is/was his college sweet heart… The story unfolds as he starts his life in New York


The story spans from 1992 through to 1997 and present day covering the life of Will Hayes and his three “proper” relationships. The story jumps in and out of Maya asking questions about who her mother is. The three women involved in the movie are Isla Fisher, Rachel Weisz and Elisabeth Banks who all put in sterling performances but none can be as funny as Maya played by Abigail Breslin.

One of the funny parts of the movie, and there are many is where Will is explaining to Maya how many girls he has dated and she asks him what the word is for a man slut.


I was a bit worried going in to the movie as afterall it was a chick flick, however I should have learned already that some chick flicks can be good with the likes of “The Holiday” and “Music for Lyrics” both being good movies. I was also worried about what kind of serious performance that Ryan Reynolds could put in. His performance in Amityville Horror was less than to be desired. However, he did put in a very good performance and all round the film was good, funny with a serious twist. It was an easy movie to sit through and enjoy.


Spanner in the works!?


Woke up this morning to a news report saying that News Corporation were holding secret talks with Yahoo!

This is only a day later than the report saying that Rupert Murdoch was playing down reports that he was even interested in going after Yahoo! The BBC News Report states that Yahoo! would hand over 20% of it’s shares to News Corp under the deal.

Microsoft had initially offered in an alleged deal $40bn (£20.5bn) to buy Yahoo! The major shareholder for Yahoo! said that Microsoft’s estimation on a share price for Yahoo was below par and should raise it up to $40 a share.

So the race is hotting up to buy out Yahoo! Should be an interesting few days.

Reminiscing about nvmax.com

What was nVmax?


nVmax was created back in 1998 by Andrew Charnley. nVmax was originally an overclocking tool for nvidia graphics cards. nvmax.com was launched in the latter part of 1998 as a place to download the program and for users to give feedback, test and request help for the program.

What started out as a forum, nvmax quickly grew in to a large community. With an increasing number of users came the opportunity to expand the website and for Andrew to develop the program further.

What happened next?

Andrew and I had a chat about nvmax.com and how far it would be possible to take it, we had already started out converting the site over in to an early content-management-system which Andrew had created from scratch and begun to review hardware. With the hardware reviews becoming popular, I set out to start branching in to the gaming side of things and quickly set up a whole gaming element to the website with daily news, previews and reviews of games from the biggest publishers and developers around the world.

I worked very closely with Ubisoft, THQ, EA, Blizzard, idsoftware and Bethesda to mention just a few in getting the latest news and quite possibly some reviews in place to get the nvmax reader base higher. The website hits started rising and all was going good until we ran head first into a series of 3 server crashes, it did knock us but we managed to come back stronger every time and our readers and users of the nvmax program were still there.

The nVmax competition!?

As with everything in life when you start getting big you end up making rivals and in our eyes there were many. nvnews, although we worked with them quite closely at the time of nvmax being live were probably in the number one spot followed closely by neowin.net (they’re pretty big now, Grrr) and guru3d were also up there somewhere near the top spot.

Understandably if you stay around and have a strong reader base and look to the future the possibilities are endless. neowin.net has exploded in growth since nvmax.com was up and running. Hats off to them, they did everything right and one of our old editorial writers is now over there working for them.

What happened to nVmax?

We were young is the simple answer. Both Andrew and myself didn’t know how big it could have been, we still talk about it to this day about how we could have expanded on what we had from an older point of view. In today’s world the possibilities would have been endless and I could see us being there in the same capacity that neowin are now.

It has been 6 years since nvmax finally went offline and the domain name was bought by an investment company I think who went after high profile, high traffic domain names. It’s a shame that it happened as it would have been nice to stay in some kind of control over the website.

What does the future hold?

I can’t see nVmax springing back to life in any capacity. It would take too long to build the contact list back up again and to pry away if at all possible the readership that neowin, nvnews and guru3d have. It would literally be starting from scratch all over again.

I will not say never though, let’s just wait and see. nVmax still has a permanent place in my heart.

Harsh reality of the credit crunch

credit crunchThe Credit Crunch to do with property?

The credit crunch was going to happen at some point. In the UK, the property market has soared over the past 1 1/2 to 2 years and every man, dog and hamster with money has been trying to invest in property. Some of which have made a loss and some have gone on to make millions from property development.

The media then got hold of a story about the property prices levelling off and then starting to fall, now of course this is only happening in various places around the country but once it starts is it going to stop? No one knows as yet, I personally haven’t yet invested in property and would need some serious talking round to even start thinking about it. It is such an un-steady environment to be in at the moment. Even though I have not invested, this doesn’t mean that I don’t know anything about it. My father is an independent mortgage advisor and thanks to him I take on a lot of information on-board. His advice is that property is still worth investing in due to you having something at the end of it, there is always going to be that roof over your head.

Theory behind the credit crunch.

Credit has ALWAYS been around, it always will be. The one thing that has been blown in to such a furore is property. Lending went through the roof and the people who were doing the lending obviously lost track of what was being loaned and where. Mortgages were being given at crazy rates to people who couldn’t really afford them. Credit and debt was being passed from country to country to anyone who wanted a piece of it.

In the UK, every one knows what is going on with the Northern Rock at the moment and it seems like they were used as some kind of scape goat as two other major banks in the UK had been to the treasury to ask for a way out, a helping hand per-say. These two banks received the help they needed to get through their troubles and the tabloids decided to scavenge on Northern Rock. It’s a shame, but with this now raising the questions and concers about the whole credit industry it’s going to be a tough time ahead.

People vs Credit Crunch

My prediction over the next 8-12 months is that the credit crunch is going to cause hell on earth. The initial credit crunch started just before Christmas however now, just after Christmas when everyone has spent money on credit cards etc it has hit even harder.

Thanks to all of the “Martin Lewis” style websites, the UK population are starting to learn as to how they can control their own finances. People are starting to get 0% Balance Transfer and such like Credit Cards however when the same people are going to need to do a balance transfer the banks are not going to be so welcoming now. People are going to end up paying top whack interest on what could already be an exhaustive credit card payment.

Where does this leave us? To be honest if we can’t get a balance transfer or sort finances because of the credit crunch I think the only thing to do is try and ride out the storm or a lot of people are going to run in to serious problems and could ended up losing a lot more, it could even mean people going bankrupt in some cases.

We can only wait and see…