Definitely Maybe is pretty good!


Ryan Reynolds plays Will Hayes in Definitely Maybe, a mid-thirties Dad living in New York. With the arrival of his divorce papers on his work desk, the story starts. He picks up his 10 year old daughter Maya from school where they have been taught sex education and she starts to question her Dad about his life before his marriage.

The rollercoaster story of Definitely Maybe starts then with Will Hayes looking back over his life and telling Maya the story about his past relationships. He changes the names of the women involved and it is up to Maya to work out which one of the women is her mother.

Definitely maybe

The story starts in 1992, Will Hayes is 24 years old and wishing he was the President of the United States. He sets off from Wisconsin to New York leaving “Emily” behind. Emily is/was his college sweet heart… The story unfolds as he starts his life in New York


The story spans from 1992 through to 1997 and present day covering the life of Will Hayes and his three “proper” relationships. The story jumps in and out of Maya asking questions about who her mother is. The three women involved in the movie are Isla Fisher, Rachel Weisz and Elisabeth Banks who all put in sterling performances but none can be as funny as Maya played by Abigail Breslin.

One of the funny parts of the movie, and there are many is where Will is explaining to Maya how many girls he has dated and she asks him what the word is for a man slut.


I was a bit worried going in to the movie as afterall it was a chick flick, however I should have learned already that some chick flicks can be good with the likes of “The Holiday” and “Music for Lyrics” both being good movies. I was also worried about what kind of serious performance that Ryan Reynolds could put in. His performance in Amityville Horror was less than to be desired. However, he did put in a very good performance and all round the film was good, funny with a serious twist. It was an easy movie to sit through and enjoy.


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