Homeopath Hell!


So, following on from my coffee addiction post, I ended up going cold-turkey and literally stopping all intake of any type of fizzy drink, cups of tea and coffee and crap food.

This all happened thanks to a visit that Jen made to a homeopath in Newcastle. She was having a few issues with what she was eating and it was causing some discomfort. She had a chat with the homeopath and found out that she was intolerant to a whole host of foods including anything with yeast like breads etc. There were other big no-no’s such as fizzy pop, coffee, chocolate and other stuff that you shouldn’t be having anyway just out of common sense.

When we arrived home, we had a chat about the whole homeopath session, and I knew I had to give up on the coffee anyway so decided to help Jen along with this new way of eating and started it with her.


I’ve done all manner of crazy things with regards to eating habits in the past. I’ve eaten too much, I’ve eaten too little. I’ve been big, I’ve been thin and I have been very muscular. Nothing prepared me for eating what most scientists would call “bird food”.

Bird Food

My current diet is as follows,

  • Breakfast – Piece of fruit and one or two glasses of water
  • Lunch – Slice of soya bread with some philli spread
  • Evening Meal – Some sort of meat like pork or chicken with veg (no sauces)

In between eating what seems like starvation, I get to have fruit. Eating little and often apparently is the key to keeping your metabolism going throughout the day. This is all different to what I have been doing in the past, I have never stuck to a diet and relied purely on either under-eating on purpose (which was stupid in hindsight) or going to the gym more.

Now I wouldn’t say that the homeopath is bad, I think what Jen needs to do to get rid of her problems is a very difficult thing to do. You literally go on something similar to the Atkin’s Diet, bit worrying considering some people have died on a similar diet. It is very very strict, and oddly we keep calling it a diet when it’s not. It is simply changing your eating habits which in turn acts like a diet when you are not used to it.


So far I have had some serious headaches with just dropping coffee and bottles of coke out of my diet. I am trying to drink more water, as much as I can really to keep myself hydrated.

Apparently according to the scales I have managed to lose 4lbs in 3 1/2 days which is rapid weight loss and not the type of weight loss I want to be doing. Rapid weight loss is good because you see the numbers on the scales drop very quickly however when you lose weight so quickly it also goes back on just as quick. I will be keeping an eye on my weight for the next couple of days to see how things are going. If things carry on the way they are I will simply stop the ultra-controlled diet and continue to cut out of the bottles of coke, coffee and rubbish food but eat more substantially than I have been.

I think I will blog my progress to show how things are going.

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