How to stop my coffee addiction?


When I was younger I was never really a hot drink drinker, my soft spot was always milk. I used to drink pints and pints of the stuff usually with a Jammie Dodger as I am always partial to one of those as well. 🙂 It wasn’t until the first part of my Army career when my drinking habits changed and I stopped drinking milk and become addicted to Dr Pepper. How that happened I’ve no idea but I used to go through 500ml bottles of it per day.

Later on in my Army career I noticed everyone else drank “hot brew’s”. I thought I would never be a brew drinker thanks to my lack of ability to drink something when it is steaming hot. However, slowly I became quite happy with drinking a nice cup of coffee with two sugars. I blame my coffee addiction of Dr Pepper for the amount of sugar I have in a coffee.

Once the initial shock was over of drinking a hot drink, I started to NEED a cup of coffee and regularly had one in my hand even if I wasn’t drinking it. I am stil un-aware of whether this was down to boredom or because I had a coffee addiction. In my head it tastes REALLY nice.


The first thing I have on a morning is a cup of coffee, I don’t drink tea unless something has seriously gone wrong or there’s a major catastrophe and there is no coffee in the house/office. I don’t do this because I need “perked up” or I think it will help me get my head straight. I drink it because it tastes nice. Could I drink water? or milk for that matter, yes I am sure I could but I cannot stop myself from drinking coffee which bring me on to my next point.


I need to find a sure way I can stop drinking coffee, preferably for good to stop my coffee addiction. I would think it is doing horrendous things to my body internals never mind my dentals. I have managed before to stop drinking bottles of coke, needless to say I went through a few days of headaches, the shakes and not being able to sleep properly but once I stopped I felt sooo much better.

So if anyone knows of a way to curb my coffee addiction or possibly reduce the amount that you are drinking, please please get in touch!

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  1. Well, I recently stopped drinking coffee, I usually drank it all day long.

    I now only drink 1, and it’s in the late afternoon (socially). the only advice I can give you is just stop. It sounds stupid, but really- if you can’t kick it, it means ‘it’ (addiction) has won. I don’t have any magic substitus, or other tips like drink decaf for half of the time. Just stop, and savior that one time a day that you can (and want to) have a nice cup of brew. I am not there yet, i just went from 10-15 cappucinos a day to only 1 like last week.

  2. @Marco

    I’ll be doing a follow up to this post shortly to let you know how I am getting on with the whole stopping coffee and Homeopath Hell issue.

  3. drink lots of water and know that the short period of what might feel like hell really is worth it. “)

  4. I am also a coffee addict, though the most I will have is about 3 cups per day. It affects me as my digestive system is sensitive (I am sure is due to coffee). I hope to give it the flick altogether but I rely on it as something to look forward to and what helps me through the day. I suppose its going to take a great deal of courage to give it the flick! Geez thank god it’s not heroin!

    It’s funny because I am the first to look at others and judge the harm they are doing to themselves and know I am doing the same to myself. It seems hard to put myself first- in a healthy way.

    1. Jessica, thanks for stopping by. So I wrote that post quite a while ago and ended up drinking coffee more than I had done previously. Until a couple of months ago when I cut out coffee altogether. I was in the same mind, that I enjoyed drinking it and knew the fact that it wasn’t doing me any favors. If you want to stop, just stop. It’s all will power, drink fruit juice or water instead. If you think you’re getting bored of not having coffee, every time you go to reach for the coffee grab a piece of fruit. 🙂

  5. I don’t know if this helps but i was drinking four or five cups of coffee a day. I couldnt step away from my desk without carrying my mug with me but i started taking my vitamine b’s and my amino acids each day and it changed things right away. i dont drink any coffee and dont even want it. anyone finding themselves addicted to it might want to see if you are low in these.

  6. You have to pick a day and stop all together. Usually you will miss that first day but try the next. Once you have made it past 4 days your willpower grows stronger and you don’t feel the urges any more. Yes, it is tempting to go back in the first few days (especially with the headaches) but be strong. Don’t try to substitute anything for coffee. I am almost four months sans coffee.

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