John Rambo Rocks!


Holy mother of god! First things first, what the hell are Odeon playing at not showing John Rambo!? They showed the trailers but forgot to get the movie. Not sure of the real reason they were not showing it but I bet they’ve missed out on a huge amount of money as Empire Cinema was packed out, not one single seat was left to occupy.

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So if no one knows what the whole John Rambo thing is about you have been locked in a cave most of your life and never viewed one of those box things that show pretty pictures usually plugged in to some kind of aerial or satellite.


If people think this is just going to be another John Rambo movie which is pretty crap with rubbish special effects and a naff story line, think again!

If you are remotely squeemish and dodged looking at the screen through Saw 4 then seriously don’t bother going to see it. The movie is by far and away one of the most effective I have seen at producing real combat special effects. If people think there is no blood in war then Rambo is a proven example of just how bad or if not worse it can get.

There is no shortage of 50cal machine guns tearing through buildings and people. Villagers getting cut in half, heads being exploded and limbs getting thrown about it ten different directions and that is before I even start on what the mortar fire was capable of. John Rambo’s hands are another capable weapon which he puts to good use.

Rambo 1I read somewhere this week that in the first John Rambo movie there was only 84 people killed, in the second movie there was something like 126. The same piece of reading told me that 246 people died in the Rambo movie and one within the first 10 seconds of it starting. There is no messing about, they have certainly pulled out all the stops to give the viewer a kick ass ride through the most gruelling action movie.


In comparison to other movies Rambo is;

? Saving Private Ryan with more blood and way more broken up body parts.

? Rambo is Tears of the Sun with more flies sniffing round way more dead people.

? Rambo is Saw 4 with guns and explosions.

? Rambo is one of the most shocking movies in the way prisoners are treated in a way they were in Schindler’s List.


It’s like this, if you like John Rambo anyway you will love the movie. If you love action films you will love the movie. If you love gore you will love the movie. If you like all three of those things you are in for a decent sit down!

Of course with every John Rambo movie there is that corny side to it, how the hell he manages to find his kit bag for the end of the movie and it’s still in mint condition after nearly 30 years I have no idea! It did make me laugh. Stallone did put in a much better performance than I thought he would. Some of the supporting actors were a bit naff but the action made up for it, the special effects were awesome and I am still wondering how they pulled some of them off.

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  1. Apparently Odeon decided not to pick the film up as the production company wanted 100% of the ticket sales, or some similar story. Either way Odeon snubbed it.

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