10,000 BC Review

IT IS SET IN 10,000 BC

10,000 BC PosterI had been looking forward to 10,000 BC for a while. It seems to have been so long awaited after seeing the adverts in the cinema late last year. From the Director of “Independence Day” and “Day after Tomorrow” we were led to believe to expect something spectacular. Independence Day was a truly awesome movie when it was made, and Day After Tomorrow had the special effects.

It is set in 10,000 BC when Mammoths were on the earth, however there are no cavemen where you would expect them. There a tribes people leaving in purpose built huts out of Mammoth rib cages.


Evelet, an orphan arrives in D’Leh’s village after her own village is routed by a group of horseback demons. The village medicine woman sees a sign in Evelet that she and her “to be” husband will be the tribes problem solvers.

Years pass an the horseback demons come back and take many of D’Leh’s tribe, and Evelet. D’Leh follows the demons to claim back Evelet but along the way finds that many other tribes have had the safe fate.


They travel to one tribe where the story is told that all of the kidnapped people have gone to become slaves for the horseback demons. D’Leh being the saviour joins the mystical tribes as one and fight against the horseback demons.

The horseback demons seems to be an early version of the Egyptians. (It’s a bit weird).


I was trying to find something good about the movie and all that I could come up with were the special effects. The Mammoths are awesome.

I would say that 10,000 BC is a DVD movie to watch rather than a cinema movie. I was getting uncomfortable within the first 30mins as I could not get in to it enough. At time I was even bored. The story line was drawn out and seemed more than factually off in a number of places.

It is very hard to write about a movie that you think is pretty darn rubbish.

I’ll not be getting the movie on DVD that’s for sure.

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