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Following on from my homeopath hell story, I went ahead and changed my diet. The first week was like hell on earth, I managed to stop the coffee addiction by just going cold turkey. I haven’t had a cup of coffee, bottle of coke or hot cup of tea in over a week a half.

Coffee CupAfter talking with some fitness instructors and other health professionals I was told that the amount of coffee and especially my caffeine intake was extremely high, and to cut it out in one fell swoop was extremely brave. Me being brave seemed like stupidity at the time as I went through a week of hell with constant migraines.

Even keeping a constant flow of water going down my head was a way of stopping the headaches. The first two days I thought I really wanted to give up right there and then to be honest, but I persevered. The next couple of days I simply carried on and fought off the impending messages from my brain telling me I was being ridiculous and that I need to get myself eating “properly” again, meaning the old diet.


So that was the first week, I felt like crap! Moving in to the second week everything changed. I dropped 4 pounds which is slowly going to five without any effort at all so I have lost a considerable amount of weight since starting by cutting out these simple things;

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Bottles of Coke
  • Chocolate
  • Bread (Now just eat soya bread when I need to)
  • Biscuits

When you think about it these things are very easy to cut out of your diet and can easily be replaced with other healthier options. There are things I have made a point of bringing in to my diet like;

  • Water (Never used to drink water)
  • Fruit, usually apples and the odd banana or orange.
  • Soya Bread , as mentioned above this replaced normal white bread.
  • Vegetables
  • Meat (Chicken, Pork, Lamb etc)


I have to say that I feel sooo much better. I wake up on a morning now and I am straight out of bed, no lying around, no falling back to sleep. I can’t even manage to lie in on a weekend. My energy levels have gone through the roof, my mood has changed and I feel all refreshed and can think straight again.

One thing that did happen was my skin got in god awful shape. I never used to get spots until I changed the diet and with the change brought hundreds of the bloody things. It is starting to calm down now and it was something I wasn’t expecting.

I also now have the energy to get back to the gym, I was way too tired before to even think about going let alone going in and lift some weights so the next few weeks will be a telling time to see what else happens.

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