The future is mobile!


Wandering round in thought the other day, thinking about all of technologies we have now compared to ten years ago got me thinking about where we will be in ten years time from now.


I can remember 10 years ago playing around with my 486 66MHz PC and using my PlayStation 1 and N64 for playing games on. This seems like a lot longer than 10 years ago when you think about the technology that we have now with the likes of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The Nintendo Wii is even light years ahead of what we had back then. Who would have thought back then that we would be throwing nunchucks around the room trying to beat a family member up in the ring on Wii Sports.

A big thing that has changed for me is mobile phones, I can remember my first mobile phone. It was a crazy big BT Cellnet phone with a sim card the same size as a credit card. The phone was the size of a brick and should have had it’s own lethal weapon licence, but it sufficed for what it was made for. The first time I had ever used “texting” and being able to make calls remotely away from home.

Over the years phones came and went. Camera phones were the next big thing with all of the major manufacturers trying to put the highest mega pixel camera in to a phone. This didn’t change the usability, it was just another gimmick that would sell a phone for a higher price.


Blue-tooth changed the normal mobile phone in to an interactive device where two or more people could swap and change information from one phone to another. Infrared was also a big change when you could start playing “snake” in Co-Op mode.

Apart from the annoyance of every idiotic little human being trying to send you dodgy photos here, there and everywhere Blue-tooth is still a great bit of technology. Blue-tooth helps me drive and talk at the same time without having to go anywhere near the phone, it also let’s me transfer files from the phone to the computer. The transferring of files is usually photo’s being uploaded to flickr.



Look what we have today on the Internet. We have You Tube, Twitter and flickr. Those are just three technologies which I have pulled off the top of my head that have made it on to a mobile platform. And by mobile I mean on a mobile phone or (cell phone) for our American friends. I am yet to try these out on my mobile. I am busy enough tracking them on my PC when I am near it never mind getting buzzed every few minutes to see if someone has posted a new tweet.

With phones like the Apple iphone and the Nokia N95 breaking their way through the market there is nothing stopping us from moving completely mobile with these online services. I have been trying to rack my brains as to where the next “big idea” would come from for the web, but firmly believe that at the moment technology will be firmly chasing the mobile market as I believe that is where we are headed. People are looking for mobility. A laptop is cumbersome and cannot always be guaranteed an Internet connection but a mobile phone is different.

In conclusion it will be interesting to see mobile phones being made primarily for browsing capability in the future, so we can get to the services we so eagerly want to use. (Apparently).

Any thoughts welcomed.

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  1. @James

    I have checked the iphone out countless time over here and still cannot justify the price, and the fact that more than likely I would scratch the front service within the first day of getting it. 🙂

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