What’s going on!?


Well, it’s been a while since the blog went live in fact I think it has been over a year. It’s been filled with news and reviews of movies and the occasional random blog to do with my work.

Lately, the posts have slowed down even though my cinema going has not slowed down. I am still there watching a new movie every week, or at least as much as I can. I just seem to have less time to dedicate to the blog. This is something I wanted to never happen, I always wanted to do at least one post per week.

I have started another website in the past month which I believe is in a niche market and has been getting some tremendous traffic through for some of the posts I have done. Due to the idea just coming to me one afternoon I used a free word-press theme to get the idea going as soon as possible. When I get enough time on my hands I will create a new design but that is second on my list to my personal blog.


Over the past few months, things have been changing for me in my personal and work life. Work has become busier and I have not really talked about what I do on my blog, this will change soon. Personal life has been very busy of late as Jen and I moved house and are very happy with the place we’ve moved in to but with Jennifer being a teacher she doesn’t get many hours to herself and we try and fit as much time in as we can to “move in” properly instead everything being in boxes.

This current theme is everything to do with Matt Brett (as if no-one had noticed). Matt Brett’s website/blog was THE FIRST blog I had ever looked at that made me sit up and thinking about blogging so thanks Matt. His design skills are something I look up to and have great respect for his work. The theme although not completely the same was modelled off an older mid-theme of Matt’s which helped guide me through the early days of my wordpress life. So this is just a big thanks to Matt Brett.


I’ve been working on some brilliant projects through work of late, and have finally found a comfortable spot where I believe my work is going where I want it. I enjoy it and love every day of getting in to work and starting all over again. I have also started a few mini-projects of mine, one being Validation Icons and there is another project in the pipeline.

With regards to the blog I have in the past few days, pin pointed a new design in my head and I’m now just thinking about how it can be put together. It seems to go together in my head so now it’s just about getting it designed. It will have a lot of who I am and what I am about and reveal a lot more about me, my work and what my interests are. There will be more information about my mini-projects and “other website” which I run.

I am looking forward to the next couple of months to see how things go. I apologise for the delay in the reviews however everything will get back to normal shortly.

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