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It’s certainly been a while since I last wrote a post about anything on my blog. It hadn’t been updated since v2.2 and was held together by shoe strings and magic dust. I lost all feeling towards it, I lost the urge to review movies and books and rarely logged in to see if any comments had been left.

After logging in last week I noticed that users had been reading and making comments on the blog so enough was enough. I had to bring the blog back in to shape and quickly. I generally blog more over Christmas time with having more time off anyway so Friday 31st October I made a stand over my own defeatist attitude.


I’ve now got something to show, or at least I have the willingness to let every see what I do and what I have been doing over the past couple of months. I’ve got a couple of personal projects that I work on outside of the 9-5 work (or sometimes 7-6 depending on my diary) that I finally want to put my name to and would like to showcase some of my day work to the general public.


WooThemes launched their new overeasy theme a few days ago, initial thoughts were that it was a pretty cool theme which a lot of people could get to grips with. I have a lot of time for Adii and the guys over at WooThemes and respect their work. The quality of their themes is second to none and they always go out to bring the best themes to their users. (hats off!)

WooThemes: Over Easy Theme
WooThemes: Over Easy Theme

I’ve been thinking for ages that I would simply redesign my blog, code it up and get it live but work isn’t allowing the time off to do it. With not being freelance I can afford to not sell myself through my blog, but provide content for people to read instead. Over Easy has given me the ability to show off the proejcts I am working on and finally sort out the organisation of my posts.

The colour schemes were great but I wanted to add my own personal touch. The blue and dark grey colour scheme came from a satchel bag I saw months ago, liked the way the colours worked together and grabbed a quick photo with my phone to make sure I remembered.

With the OverEasy theme I’ve achieved;

  • The organisation of the blog on a whole
  • The organisation of posts in to relevent categories
  • Make the blog stronger instead of the shoe string method
  • Show off my projects

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