What a year

Although I never wrote a 2007 blog post I thought that this year was more pertinent than the last. So much has happened and so much has changed from the start of the year, its been a heavy whirlwind of excitement, joy, fun and busy time.

Back in February I talked about nvmax and how much I missed the old days of being a part of a bigger web community centralised around one subject. I dabbled with the idea of revisiting those times and setting up a new nvmax. After chatting with Andrew (the original founder) about doing just that we decided that it would be extremely difficult to build up our contact list again as so much time had passed. Not going ahead with it wasn’t a major issue as my diary was jam packed with other things that I didn’t know what to do at that present moment in time.

I’ve now taken a role of Creative Director at a Newcastle Design Agency called carrotmedia. This was something that came out of left field and wasn’t planned, it fell into place. I believe in fate and things that happen will happen regardless of what you try to do.

Over the year the whole team has been through a lot at carrot,we’ve launched some pretty nifty websites like Victor, Designer Desirables, Poplar Tree Garden Centre and Brambledown to name but a few. We’ve got a wild client base ranging from Industrial underwater equipment to a holiday let in Italy and an awesome cosmetic dentists. Every day is different and I love it for being just that. The clients I work with are tremendous.

Something majorly changed in 2008, I’ve grown in confidence. Whilst I believe I am fairly confident, there were certain issues I had to deal with personally and one of those was my work. The growth in confidence is shown by the fact that I’ve now started opening up quite a lot and showcasing my work which I’ve not done before. Together with uploading my designs to flickr and being showcased on various CSS Galleries it does give you a sense of pride and the thought that you’re headed in the right direction with the work you’re producing.

I setup Validation Icons in 2007 however it didn’t have as much of an impact than I thought it would and because of this I redesigned the site  in 2008 which brought a ton of traffic. Since its launch the website has been showcased on a number of CSS Galleries as well as the icons being showcased on various design resource websites. It’s an honor and I hope in future the icons can be of some use to someone. I’ll be developing some new icons in 2009 so watch out for them.

I changed the design of my blog after a long wait, the original was held together with shoe strings and bubble gum and was plainly not robust enough for the amount of things I wanted to do with it. I opted to go with WooThemes, I’ve admired the work the guys are doing over there for a while now and had to tell everyone why I’m overeasy. Although I have a strange stance on premium themes which I will be writing about in the New Year.

In November I launched floobe.com, it’s a mix of showcasing, resources, interviews and freebies. It houses everything under one roof and the Interviews are going well. It will grow more through 2009 so I’m looking forward to that.

And now it’s Christmas, it’s time to relax, enjoy and look forward to a busy 2009.

The Day The Earth Stood Still Review

The Day The Earth Stood Still Review. A remake of the 1951 film stars Keanu Reeves as Klaatu and Jennifer Connelly as Helen Benson, a renowned scientist whom the world will depend on to find answers.


The beginning of the movie is somewhat unclear as it starts in the 1920’s with Keanu Reeves climbing in the Indian Mountains where an “orb” lands. Some kind of  abduction takes place, and Keanu Reeves is left on earth. The next scene sees Helen Benson, the scientist, receiving a phone call from the government where she is then transported to the local HQ for what the government think is going to be the end of the world. They enlist her help to try and find a way to aid them however quickly realising the end of the world is not so near as an “orb” lands and the real story starts.


Klaatu arrives back on Earth to help it, which through 75% of the movie is hard to believe. Gort, a giant indestructible robot walks from the “Orb” at the beginning of the movie and shuts down the entire gathering of the US Forces on the ground, he then proceeds throughout the movie to deliver a dust storm which eats through anything and everything.

To rid the world and start afresh is the only way to save it. Gort and Klaatu are on Earth to save it from the human race who in their eyes are intent on destroying it. John Cleese has a short role in the film as a Nobel Prize Winner who understands and reasons with Klaatu to give the human race a chance and help us/them to change and save planet Earth.


I had mixed feelings on going to see the movie. I had a feeling it was going to be an all looks and no show movie whereby its a lot worse when you put your butt on a seat. How wrong I was, the entirety of the movie was intriguing with awesome visuals throughout. Reeves and Connolly play very good parts however I believe the star of the show was Jaden Smith who played Jacob. For a small kid he certainly put in a massive effort with the movie adding emotion where it wouldn’t have been.

It’s definitely a must see movie this December.

Lakeview Terrace Review


Lakeview Terrace is the new home for two new home buyers, Patrick Wilson and Kerry Washington. They become the target of their deranged new neighbour played by Samuel L. Jackson, an LAPD officer who is so odd he should be in a padded cell.

lakeview terrace review

Jackson takes it upon himself to be the all seeing eye of the neighbourhood and involves himself way to much in the daily running of peoples lives and especially his new next door neighbours. A constant pain in the newlyweds lives with constant harrasment and directed hate to them being a mixed race couple. In the end Wilson and Washington fight back.


I should have known from booking the movie which was the smallest showing room that this wasn’t going to be exciting. The most painful thing apart from losing a good 2 hours of my life to an awful movie is that now I feel let down by Samuel L. Jackson. When actors take part in rubbish movies which aren’t going to take the world by storm they’re clearly needing some extra cash for Christmas. I never thought Jackson would have done this but he clearly has. The movie seemed utterly pointless and is a MUCH worse version of Denzel Washingtons ‘Training Day’.

There isn’t much to say really, it was quite possibly one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Four Christmases Review


Following on from my christmas movie list for 2008 I had a number of concerns that the one Christmas orientated movie had Vince Vaughan in it considering that Fred Claus was such a let down. I’m not a massive Vince Vaughan fan to start with and only class his movies as mediocre to say the least. Reese Witherspoon wasn’t the first actress to come to mind for a comedy Christmas movie but ho hum, you can’t get everything.

I had to go into the movie with an open mind as Four Christmases couldn’t possibly be worse than the Fred Claus Movie.


Vince Vaughan and Reese Witherspoon are an unmarried couple who like nothing better than getting away at Christmas. This Christmas they find themselves shacked up with all of their divorced parents having to go through four different Christmas celebrations.

Within 5 minutes of the movie starting I was literally rolling around my seat laughing my ass off and so was the rest of the cinema. If anyone didn’t break out in laughter in the opening thirty minutes of the movie they either lost their personality at birth, were asleep or completely dead. It was opposite to everything I thought it would be, it wasn’t one of those corny Christmas comedies where you feel like you have to laugh just to get you through it, it actually made my sides hurt on multiple occasions.


I’m not usually one for comedy movies but I thought this four christmases review would help and to start with and usually go for the more serious action styled movies but I am honestly glad I went to see Four Christmases. Somehow Vaughan and Witherspoon managed to pull off a movie together, in fact Witherspoon should get as much credit for the humor as much as Vaughan as they were both superb.

For comedy value the movie gets 9/10 in my opinion and its a must see for a good laugh this Christmas.