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Seven TroopAndy McNab, a British Army and SAS Veteran. One of the guys who didn’t get away and had to suffer day upon day of torture at the hands of his Iraqi captors during Gulf War One. Andy started his military life in the Royal Green Jackets where he stayed for 8 years before heading off to selection for the Special Air Service (SAS). One of Andy’s first books, Immediate Action, was his account of his life going for SAS selection. It is an incredible read. Now he writes another personal account of his life following on from the days of selection, his first days in his new regiment, his new troop and his new life. He made friends and lost them and details everything in Seven Troop.

Immediate Action was about Andy McNab going for SAS selection from his Green Jackets regiment, it was his personal account of his life whilst trying to get into one of the most renowned special forces regiments in the world.

Back in 1983, Andy McNab was B Squadron of the SAS. This was one of the four squadrons of the SAS. He was picked to be in Air Troop which is also known as Seven Troop. Andy McNab joined a group of men who over the years would become his closest friends. After becoming the freshly badged SAS Trooper he headed out to the Malayan jungle and met up with his new troop. Each member of the troop has a place in the book, some more prevalent than others.

Seven Troop

This book is a sad story of loss, losing friends who were never meant to go. From Al Slater, one of the training staff in the 1980’s program “The Para’s”, to Nish and Frank Collins, Andy has lost a lot of people and friends to a variety of reasons.

Beyond all of that Seven Troop is a huge account of ten years in a secret service with details of some never-before-revealed operations. Drama, action and thrill had me enthralled for the 3 days Seven Troop took to read. I never wanted to put the book down.

Seven Troop is a reflective look upon the armed forces and the underlying problems that occur when back home, post traumatic stress disorder is an illness which is frequently published about in the media however when McNab was in the service it wasn’t one of the things which you talked about. Even the tough SAS lads have trouble dealing with the jobs they’ve been tasked to complete.

I don’t want to give too much away as it is such a good read.

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