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A much awaited movie for myself as I’m a bit of a history buff, Valkyrie arrived at the UK cinemas on the 23rd January, the same weekend as Underworld: Rise of the Lykans and whilst I will be seeing them both this weekend Valkyrie came first. An awesome cast portrays the circle of men who attempted to assassinate Hitler for the last time during the Second World War. Tom Cruise plays Claus von Stauffenberg who was the key role in delivering the final blow to the Nazi Regime and ending the Second World War and stopping the destruction of Europe and the rest of the world.


Operation Valkyrie or (Operation Walküre)  as it was also known was an operation developed for the Reserve Army of the German Army. The plan was approved by Adolf Hitler himself unknowing that it was in fact a plan against himself. The original Operation Valkyrie before Claus Von Stauffenberg rewrote it was intended to be used in the event that Allied bombing of German cities resulted in a breakdown in law and order or an uprising from the millions of forced laborers working in the German factories.


The first six minutes of the movie which you can watch courtesy of Apple make you sit back in your seat for what you expect to be an intense 1hr 30 minutes of your life. There is nothing better than secret wartime plans, plots and assassination attempts to get the heart racing but when it boiled down to it my heart didn’t race nor was I sat back in my seat for long.

Whilst this was a blockbuster movie it was more of a history lesson for the people in the audience who didn’t know much about this particular poignant piece of our history. It was after all the last ditch attempt to oust Hitler from power and stop the rest of the SS and Hitler loyalists from taking over and carrying on where Hitler had been.


The movie was just ok, it didn’t particularly go much further than OK. The cast were very good and every member had been specifically placed and suited to each character. Tom Cruise was very good and definitely suited his role best, and further reading on Claus von Stauffenberg shows just how much Cruise had likened himself.

What more can I say? I’m looking forward to Underworld: Rise of the Lykans.

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  1. So what did you think of Rise of the Lykans? I went to see it instead of Valkyrie as I am a huge Underworld fan & thought it was awesome!!

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