a .net pro magazine?

I subscribe to .net (@netmag)and Computer Arts, two very good magazines which I love reading. Computer Arts for the Arts and .net mostly for interviews and the like. I the first half of .net most than the second as the latter is made up mostly of how-to’s. I don’t take much notice of these as they are directed to the beginner web design as opposed to the professional designers and developers in the industry.

A little while ago someone wrote in to .net asking whether there would be a .net pro magazine, Dan Oliver (@danoliver), editor of .net responded positively and I thought it was a fantastic idea. There is a Photoshop Creative and Photoshop Pro magazine, so why not a pro .net?


Two weeks ago*ish* I tweeted about the possibility of a .net pro magazine and a few hours later, Oliver Lindberg (@oliverlindberg) replied to me asking my thoughts on what could be included in a .net pro magazine. After my horrific chest infection I replied with the following thoughts;

Subscribing to .net I look forward to it dropping through the door every month and always know the content will be great, however an area where it is lacking is the Pro side. A lot of it is still targeted towards beginner/novice and the likes of myself and other designer/developers mostly skip the tutorials section at the back due to them being common knowledge for someone working on the web day in day out.

  • Personally I would like to see more difficult, larger tutorials with more programming languages. These could be anything from Jquery, javascript, Ruby, more in depth advanced CSS techniques.
  • Reviews of software i.e. email marketing systems, project management systems, new web apps, font management software.
  • Reviews of frameworks and how they fair up against each other.
  • More book reviews.
  • Maybe more on the graphic side of things, whilst this is not web, .net is still picked up by a lot of designers including myself.
  • More interviews with high profile personalities or group interviews with a few big name personalities.

I believe, like Photoshop Pro, there could be a lot more content produced for a pro .net. The downside to this is a money issue, could .net sell enough copies to cover their costs as a lot of how to’s and interviews are already online? I still like sitting down and reading a magazine and getting away from the computer screen for just a few hours.

Others thoughts on whether this is a good/bad idea are welcome.

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