Web Apps and Ecommerce, a busy time…

We’re on the web app wagon

It’s been a couple of months in the making and a considerable amount of planning but we’re going to be creating a couple of web apps in house at carrotmedia. We’ve been thinking about a varied amount of apps which we could develop which are unique and provide a service which is needed. We believe we’ve ear marked two potential apps which could do just that. At the start of our web app idea journey we were finding it extremely difficult to pick out ideas which hadn’t been done already and ones which other people would find useful.


They’re currently in alpha development, one will be entering beta testing in the next couple of weeks and the other named muddledup is currently requiring sign-ups so we can let you all know when we’re entering the next stage.

The two apps are directed towards businesses or individuals within our own line of work so they fit well with the design/development agencies and freelancers. If you want to enquire about beta testing the apps get in touch directly if you wish and I’ll hook you up.

I’ll be talking more about the apps as they get closer to the testing phases.

Pulling the ecommerce train – the long haul

Adii Rockstar recently wrote a new blog posts called “Ecommerce: 4 reasons why it’s failing”, and I thought it was about time to let a few people know what we’re doing over at carrotmedia. We work with awesome clients every day on their ecommerce sites and wanted to see if we could do it ourselves. More as a learning curve than anything, to see how and in what ways we can change things to bring more sales and then passing these benefits onto our clients.

We?re going to be blogging the whole thing from scratch and producing updates of progress/sales/traffic etc. Hopefully with setting up our own ecommerce store we can lead from example and help everyone else out by blogging about it.

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