The Twitter Auto-Follow Demise

Auto Follow is not going to help Twitter’s expansion one iota. Use Twitter for what its best at and stop racing towards a large amount of twitter followers.

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8 thoughts on “The Twitter Auto-Follow Demise”

  1. I totally agree. It’s incredibly annoying when you get bombarded with emails after entering something like “marketing” in a tweet. When I received my first batch of auto-follows – not realising where they had come from – I was curious and followed them back only to realise it’s a bit like opening the door to irrelevant, marketing/sales crap from people I would almost never consider tweeting with and/or gaining anything interesting/useful/amusing from. I’ve now un-followed a lot of them. TBH I generally don’t follow people just because they follow me which is apparent from my following/followers ratio.

    On a lighter note.. I slagged off a well-known IDE today and ended up being auto-followed by them. I’m glad they saw that I thought their product was mince.


    1. @Richard – And as if I thought the fun would stop, just yesterday it all started again when I said “prize draw” in a tweet for the eCommerce experiment. It’s never ending.

  2. Hey Gavin,

    I am totally with you man. I also have someone who keeps following then unfollowing me in the hope of me following him back. The truth is that I only follow people who I feel will add value to my tweet stream.

    Nice video and good sound.

    1. @David – Thanks for the feedback, the trusty little macbook seems to do video quite well. There will be more video posts in the coming days.

  3. Totally agree. I’ll follow someone because there’s value for me in that. Not following someone, doesn’t mean I’m being disrespectful or that I don’t want to connect; and that’s what @replies are for… 🙂

    1. @adii – You’re totally right, not following isn’t disrespectful. I try to say hello to most of my new follows, I am grateful that they follow so the connection/interaction is always good.

  4. Disclaimer here first: I am not a web developer or a web experts like you folks but what I am is simply a web enthusiast and a keen networker. With that out of the way, I can now post my comment here without you guys laying into me.

    I’m guessing auto follow is where you follow folks automatically when they follow you.
    It’s fair to say a bit of discretion should be employed as to whom you decide to follow or not. A follow up message never hurts either. However, reading comments from David Perel and Adii I beg to slightly differ per the notion of following only those who add value to your Tweet Stream. Well then, what are the factors to consider as to who adds value and who doesn’t?

    You just never know where your next client, potential collaborator or catalyst for a bright spark of idea may come from. With this, there’s no point in being a wannabe snub on Twitter when you haven’t quite achieved the Rock-Star or A-List type celeb status. There are several tools available to help filter irrelevant tweets and thus, keep the unwanted noise/tweets to a minimum.
    That said, Gavin, Adii and David if you guys met on Twitter or in fact, through an online social media platform, imagine if you had shrugged off the chance to do so. Now imagine who else you might be missing out from following.
    I think there should be a reasonable balance, ratio-wise per following and followers and of course, it’s totally optional as to whom you decide to follow or not.
    All expressed here are purely my own opinion and based on personal experiences.

    Watching keenly Ecommerce Experiment online, Adii’s RockStar TV and David’s On-the-Couch.



  5. Aha – it all makes sense now. I signed up to Twitter for the first time this week, have written nothing (mostly cos I haven’t got a scooby what I’m doing!), haven’t quite figured out how the whole following thing works to find random strangers following me. Slightly gutted that I ain’t as popular as I thought though!

    Will be sqeezing every last bit of advice out of you in the coming weeks.

    Great vid BTW.

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