It’s coming, 30 Christmas eCommerce designs

As mad as it sounds, it’s now August and we’re getting closer to Christmas. I decided to look back at last Christmas and the design trends of 30 eCommerce websites.

Overall there was not a significant winning idea on what to do, with some retailers not bothering at all. Below are the companies which did…

Starbucks have gone for a full design of red, but only on their .com website.

Borders are sticking to the red theme using some snow as a nice touch.

macy’s are sticking with their red homepage after their fall sales design.

The WWF Shop have gone all red, working in some nice design to the header to get into the festive spirit.

Wyevale Garden Centres have added as much red design in to their ecommerce shop as possible without breaking up their usual green appearance.

Burton used a red background with subtle Christmas trees to bring their ecommerce store into the festive season.


Superdrug added in some snowflakes to their header as well as a main image to their homepage for Christmas.

A pretty lame attempt by Boots to add in some Christmas spirit to their website. always getting into the spirit of things with their snowy purple background.

Brown Bag clothing company went all out with a snowy background and header artwork.


Tiffany & Co use some very subtle snowflakes in their background effectively.

Background Art

TopShop not straying from their brand colours but using an effective background image for Christmas.

Schuh using by far the least organised design for Christmas, not much thought it seems.

REPUBLIC are another high street and online retailer who have gone all out to provide some good Christmas design on their website.

next – subtlety is key. Not to much, not to less. A nice touch.

La Senza have used some good background images together with some other artwork on the homepage for Christmas.

JJB Sports have made good use of their blue branding to use on their background imagery.

Banana Republic have shown how easy it is to create a Christmas ecommerce design by using something so simple.

Christmassy Imagery

Below are online retailers who added some simple imagery to convert their online shops into the Christmas spirit.


Pumpkin Patch

Marks and Spencer



John Lewis


House of Fraser


American Eagle

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    1. Hey Oliver,

      Cracking design, it’s great seeing what everyone else has done. It will be interesting to see design trends this Christmas.


  1. hey Gavin,

    We’ve just made our redesign and hope that we can get inside your showcase list. 🙂
    We’ve tried to make it “special” this Christmas :))

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