Bollocks to theory

broken_theoryTheory, it is as broad a subject as you could find. I’m talking about the kind of theory that takes place in this phrase;

“In theory, it would be a fantastic opportunity to do/make it…”

It’s bollocks.

A very one sided view from me but I believe that it is the right point of view. If you’re thinking about theories behind things that you’d like to do in the future, you have WAY too much time on your hands. The reason being that if in ‘theory’ you did want to do it, someone, somewhere on the planet is already well on his/her way to doing it.

Why can’t we just stick by our guns and aim for something and just do it? If it’s a gut instinct that something may work, just run with it and see where it takes you. Granted it may be on the verge of being a bit gung-ho but so what, sometimes you just have to trust your instinct and throw theory to the wind. If things don’t work out then you’ve just done a wonderful thing, you’ve learned a few lessons in messing things up. It’s not all bad though, in learning how to mess things up, you also learn how to make things better.

So the next time you’re thinking about theory and how to put something in to practice, stop yourself quickly and just get on with it. See what happens, if all turns out well, then that is fantastic. If it doesn’t, don’t blame me, just get on with working out how you’d do it differently next time and learn from your experience no matter what it was.

Bollocks to Theory, once youve got round to it, it’s already being done.

Why not collaborate?

collaborationResistance is futile! Honestly, it is. In the United Kingdom, especially in the North East where I am from we’re a very guarded group. Collaboration isn’t a well thought of thing in fear of losing some reputation or work to someone else. Unlike the US and other regions in the world where collaboration is a lot more key in growing your network and income.

There is almost a fear of losing something whilst collaborating. The necessity to keep lots of things close to your chest can sometimes cloud your judgment as to why you should try collaborating on projects.

I want the money!

Well yes, you probably do… On the other hand you can only be a master at a few things. If you try to specialise in far to many things, you will only be mediocre in them, you’ll never be top rate and you will never be able to charge top ‘dollar’ for it either. I know getting a big job with many things involved sounds fantastic, heck, I horde work like the best of them however I have learned over time that you can only do so much. There are so many other people out there that are fantastic at their own unique skill.


Too many people think they can’t say anything to another professional in the same industry just in case something happens, whether it be client theft, theft of their own work or something else silent and deadly. It is all common sense really and using your own theory about ‘disposable information’, this is the information which you put in to a category of being something you can talk about openly. Not everything needs to be kept close to your chest.

Learn through being open

Whilst you collaborate on projects and do an overall better job because each individual team member is a specialist in their own right you can learn from each other and expand on your own knowledge. Granted you may not want to specialise in the things that you’re learning but you can definitely understand more about the work of your collaborative friends so you can work even more efficiently on the next project.
At the end of the day you could just give collaborating a go and see if it’s for you. You may find that it expands your own services and in turn increases your turnover.

Let me know what your thoughts are and how you get on.

It’s all change!

Carrot to CodeworksIt certainly has been an interesting few weeks, everything as I knew it has now changed. Contrary to popular belief, I am not nor ever have been the owner/founder of Carrot Media. I held the role of Creative Director up until Friday just gone, (November 6th, 2009). Nearly 2 years of hard work, long hours and awesome clients enabled me to grow and learn so much. I’ve evolved and shot off in a direction that I’m ecstatic with.

I’m a bit like Johnny Five, I need input. I need to learn and grow on a daily basis and if I don’t learn something knew I feel like I’ve let myself down. Recently I’ve yurned a change of direction, more of a re-alignment to be quite honest. To hone my core skills, the skills that I love and would do whether it would be a job or not.

The re-alignment is in fact me leaving Carrot Media and every involvement I had with them. They are going to take over complete control of Eliot Turner and the Ecommerce Experiment, obviously this was something I had to think about as I am still a huge believer in giving good ecommerce knowledge back to the general public.

Thinking Digital

I’m joining Codeworks as the Marketing and Creative Executive and primarily looking after the Thinking Digital Conference with Herb Kim and the rest of the team. I’ll be hopefully working very closely with the rest of the teams and project within Codeworks to aid their growth. There is a lot planned for the coming year so I can’t wait to get there and  #crushit (Yes – I said it.)

Simple law of attraction?

It’s a strange one, when leaving Carrot Media I had the intention of staying freelance. I love what I do, so why wouldn’t I carry on doing what I do best? This is just a quick thank you to the people who have contacted me and I very much look forward to working with you in the near future.

Talking about future…

It is definitely going to be a busy time, but I love busy. It’s what I strive for. I’ll continue to be Beta Testing for WooThemes helping them make sure all aspects are covered before releasing their themes. I’ll be doing a few more talks to some larger audiences and working on a few more ‘other’ projects.

A late introduction

If you follow me on Twitter you will know I am a huge fan of anything to do with WordPress, I love the platform and its agility. About a year ago I said that I was going to create a theme or a set of themes for release. With everything going on at the time it was very difficult to do way too many things at once, never mind re-design my own site/blog which I am yet to get round to.

However, I have in fact finished the design of the first theme which will be released. I’ll be working with Rich, a great friend of mine and an extremely talented Developer to produce the themes.

The name of the first theme is ‘Spex‘ and will be a Personal/Portfolio blog theme. I’m extremely excited about it and look forward to getting it up and running.



I will write more about Spex, the more we get through the development process as well as the other themes which we have planned. So in the mean time, have a desktop wallpaper on me.

Spex Wallpaper