1080 Grid PSD

Currently working on a design for a side project (name and details to come) which I needed more space for. I upped the overall size to 1080px wide and created an 18 column grid system for it. The design is targeted to a unique group of professionals who in any event should not have an issue viewing the site.

You can download the 1080px 18 Column Grid to use yourself.

If you use it, let me know, it would be great to see what you have achieved with it.

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      1. Hey Lukasz,

        Not at all, obviously it depends on what and who you are designing for but some designers are now pushing their designs to a 1080px width. Obviously check with who the end user is before pushing your grid to this size using your analytics.


  4. I’ve been thinking of designing a site to a 1080 grid, wondering if you could point me to a site that’s using it? I like the idea but haven’t seen any in practice out there. I did one to 1040, but haven’t tried 1080 yet.


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