Free Weather Icons

Free Weather Icons

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve decided to start ticking off my ‘to do in 2010’ list and one of those was create a set of 16px icons. I’ve been working on various forms of these icons and posting them on dribbble to get feedback. It’s the first time I’ve worked on such a small scale so working to get all of the detail has been quite difficult at times. I believe now they are at a stage where they are in a usable condition.

Within the downloaded file there is the full set of icons in .png format as well as a flat JPEG and full .PSD file which is similar to the image above.

The icons are free to download and use wherever you like, a simple comment below showing where you have used them will suffice as a thanks. It would also be great to see how/where you have used them.

Download Free Icons

If you liked this post, you may want to download my 1080px Photoshop grid. It’s all setup and ready to go with 18 columns.

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  7. Thanks, I’m an English teacher, so I’m gonna use them on exams for students to answer.

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