Cutting out the crap

I want to be healthy so I’m following in Andy McMillan’s footsteps of aiming to lose some weight by the time Build Conference comes around.

My weight varies quite a lot and I’ve only been really fit twice. Once when I was in the Army when I lost close to 3 stone in weight, and then again just as I left when I was weight training.

Working behind a computer generally doesn’t help my health, a busy lifestyle can defeat me quite easily as I to go for easy, time-saving food. This generally consists of white bread, too much coffee and far too many bottles of Coke / Dr Pepper.

So I’m changing my habits. I’m going to start eating healthy meals, stop drinking coffee, stop with the bottles of coke and start running.

On one hand I am doing this to lose some weight but also to help me feel better in myself. Coffee keeps me going through the day and I don’t want it to anymore, I want to feel fresh and creative all of the time.

We’ll see how this goes, currently I’d like to lose approximately 2 stone in weight. I’m hoping in cutting out the crap I’ll lose up to 8 pounds fairly easily. (Fingers crossed)

UPDATE: As Andy is doing something for charity, I’ll find a way to help ‘Help for Heroes’, my chosen charity.

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