Changing the way I blog

This has been a long time coming as I’m still in the process of designing my blog. With up to 15 different templates it’s certainly taking its time in coming together. I will get there eventually.

I’ve been looking in to Tumblr and Posterous in recent months and wasn’t happy with the way I wasn’t in possession of my own content. The old design, another WooThemes blog (just like this one) didn’t give me the freedom of writing very short posts. Recently on my blog I’ve been dabbling in writing short posts, comments and other types of content. It definitely didn’t look right and I needed a different way to do things, hence the change to another WooThemes blog called ‘Retreat’.

I’m looking to expand the varied way in which we can now deliver content, written, voice and video. I believe this design will enable me to do that for the foreseeable future.

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Head of Interaction and Service Design at DigitalDWP.

2 thoughts on “Changing the way I blog”

  1. Will be cool to see how that turns out. I’ve been blogging on Tumblr recently but have been having some great ideas for a more traditional style site which I hope to work on soon.

    For me it comes down to this:

    Tumblr allows me to post photos and stuff from my iPhone. If I didn’t have a Tumblr blog I think I would end up regretting it when away on holiday wanting to share photos.

    A WordPress (or otherwise) self hosted blog is much much more suited to longer posts and just doesn’t seem very permanent on a Tumblr blog.

    I hope that makes a bit of sense!

    1. Hey Matt,

      Thanks for stopping by. It totally makes sense and more so as I believe that’s where I am at the moment. My life over the past few months has dramatically changed where I feel there are times that I don’t have a chance to write long blog posts but want to offer small snippets of ‘other’ content like video, sound and comments etc. I believe this route will help as I can’t see myself making a full jump to Tumblr (I still like my longer blog posts). We’ll see where Retreat takes me and whether at some point in the future I’ll actually get round to designing my own blog in full.

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