I have dribbble invites!

So the next round of openings for dribbble has happened and I’ve got two available dribbble invites for a couple of talented people. Easy way to do this, if you want one leave your portfolio link in a comment below and I’ll get in touch with the two invitees.

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22 thoughts on “I have dribbble invites!”

  1. Gavin 🙂
    I’d love an invite for dribbble, keep commenting on people’s screenshots via Twitter 🙂 would love to try it out myself as well, instead of posting screenshots via Jing to Twitter (again)…

  2. Mr. Elliot,

    I don’t know you and you don’t know me (hence the formal salutations!) but I’d really like one of your invites to dribbble. Please take a peak at my portfolio (www.glenricharddavis.com) and if you dig, then right on. If not, then thanks for your time regardless. Dribbble rules.

    Best regards,


  3. I, as well, hope you are still open!

    http://www.studiolitchfield.com/portfolio is my portfolio site as some of the work still has yet to be released.

    I operate a one-man design team under the guise of a cast of fictional abstract expressionists. I call it the “Gorillaz of graphic design” and somehow has been working.

    A dribbble presence to expand the story would be perfect (and to get that level of expert feedback).

    Thanks for doing this!


  4. Thanks to everyone who posted. It was a very difficult choice as you’ve all got superb portfolio’s.

    The two picked in the end were Graeme Metcalf and Brian Carroll. Congrats to you both and I’ll see you on dribbble.com


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