Build, that conference in Belfast.

Build, that conference in Belfast which I wrote about a few weeks ago is now coming to a close. Sitting and writing in the relaxing area of the MalMaison hotel in Belfast City has brought my Build experience to a finish. The last time I wrote about Build I called it ‘another boutique web conference’, but it would seem from what I’ve experienced it’s turned from a fledgling boutique to an incredibly strong conference.

I missed Build’s first year but watched the tweet stream and resented not buying a ticket. Then we started planning and had DIBI to take care of. Since then I’ve been to dConstruct and a few other places to experience ‘other conferences’.

Andy McMillan, (@goodonpaper) is a true gent and has put his heart and soul into designing Build his way and it shows. Extended to take up a full week there have been various smaller Fringe events that I’ve had the opportunity to participate in, the pre-party and after party and of course the main conference day.

Andy’s choice of speakers was tailored, he clearly didn’t leave anything to chance and talks from Tim Brown, Dan Cederholm, Liz Danzico, Meagan Fisher, Tim and Keegan and Frank Chimero made my day all the better. The highlights for me personally were Tim Brown and Dan. Tim’s presentation style was unlike anything I’ve seen before, he used the ‘power of pause’ to break up his talk sections as though you were reading his words from a book. Dan, funny and clever, I expected nothing less and his talk was one which inspired me a lot.

I love conferences and I love producing DIBI. It’s like sitting in a live lecture with 300 friends who all want to take every last piece of knowledge in. The socialising elements are incredible, you get to meet all of those people you talk to on Twitter or Skype every day.

It was great to meet up with new and old friends, @tylergalpin, @amerz, @elliottkember, @elliotjaystocks, @colly, @sazzy, @naomisusi, @leanda, @hereinthehive, @fehler and many many more. You know who you are.

A big thanks to Andy McMillan for putting on an incredible event, everyone who helped him out along the way and the rest of our industry for making it another excellent conference.

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4 thoughts on “Build, that conference in Belfast.”

  1. I love something that happened yesterday. I didn’t see you and Chris in the bar when I walked in – it was only when I read a status on Twitter saying you were there, that I looked up from my laptop and saw you both sitting inches from me.
    The power of Twitter eh!

  2. Awww, it was such a good time and good to see you as well! I’m sending you some avocado in the post. 😉

    Upon reading this, I’m kind of kicking myself for missing some of the other fringe events / before & after… oh well, next year!

    1. Aww shucks. You remembered about the avocado! 🙁

      I’m sure Andy will have something up his sleeve for those Fringe events next year! Great seeing you too!

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