Free Aircraft Icons

Free Aircraft IconsA set of 18 free aircraft icons I recently created to download and use. PNG’s and Vector files can be downloaded for free.

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Head of Interaction and Service Design at DigitalDWP.

52 thoughts on “Free Aircraft Icons”

  1. Lovely! Saving now…hope to find a use for these soon.
    Since they aren’t labelled they make for a fun quiz: how many can you identify? I got 8.

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  3. It’s a really cool surprise to see aviation-related graphics for download. Apparently, there are more than just a few wing-nuts flying around the pattern.

    Great job! I automatically began identifying the airborne silhouettes.

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  23. Thank you for sharing your aircraft icons Gavin. I am creating an animated map of my father’s WWII flights in the China-Burma-India theater. I was looking for an icon to represent a B-24. I think your C-130 will do nicely. However, I see black with white background icons on this site while the download contains white planes with black backgrounds. Did I download the wrong file? I will try to make the background transparent for the animation.
    Thanks again

    1. Hey Kitty,

      Yes, that was me playing around to see how I should show them on the website. If you’re a Adobe Illustrator user, open the .pdf or .ai file in that and swap the colors round. If you get stuck, shoot me an email and I’ll sort it for you.

      Take Care.

      1. Hi Gavin,

        I have to say thank you for those great icons!
        Nice airplace icons are hard to find and yours are perfect!

        However, I have the same problem as Kitty…
        Could you email me the Black on White background icons also please?

        Thank you,

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