Your Users and You

Creating a product is exciting. Building it to a stage where you have real people taking part in your own creation is phenomenal.

It’s too easy for us when building a product to build it for us, to have a feature list that WE want. Unless you are very controlled it is far too easy to create an ever growing feature list the size of an aircraft carrier. This is bad when you’re wanting the product to be like streamlined submarine as we all know aircraft carriers do not fit inside of submarines.

Take more time to realise that your users and yourself are so different in reality. Just because you want to do something one way doesn’t make it the same for someone else using the product. Always act on the side of caution and focus on what a user would want to do with your product from various places and make decisions accordingly.

You can limit feature creep extremely well by remembering that what a user wants and needs are COMPLETELY different. On top of that remember that what you want in your product, a user might not need.

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Head of Interaction and Service Design at DigitalDWP.