This is my 200th post.

My first post was written on August 5th 2007, just over 4 years ago. Taking that in account I’ve written on average every week since setting this up as my online home.

In August 2007 I was not engaged, never mind married. Kids weren’t on the horizon and now I’m 2 months away from expecting the birth of our first child and I was only just getting in to the web industry. It’s truly been an incredible 4 years, not only that I’ve managed to amass 4 years worth of written thoughts as I was never a writer but for what has happened in those years.

Just as a little insight here’s the top 5 articles (traffic wise) that have been written.

1. How to Present Your Design to the Client

2. Free Vector Check Marks

3. 30 Designers, 1 Question – Where are you most inspired?

4. Free Weather Icons

5. 1080px PSD Grid to Download

What’s Next?

More writing, more free resources and a new design as well as super focus on The Industry.

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