The New Free Weather Icons

Free Weather Icons


I’ve spent some time updating the free weather icons from 2 years ago and you can now download the new set in 32px/16 PNG files, PSD and Vector format from Obox Design.

How Apple Devices Can Effect User Decisions

I recently observed a user test where I realised that using Apple devices can effect user decisions and sales. It’s easy to use an Apple device or machine in your design to show off part of your app or product. Adding in a good looking large screenshot of your app close-up encased in a Macbook Air looks like the ideal thing to sell your product to a potential customer. Or so you think…

We use the images of Apple devices to imply great design and hopefully imply quality with quality. The image directly below is a mockup of a Macbook Air with browser, now this could show your product within the browser or your desktop app.

User Experience Problems

This next image shows a generic windows based laptop with the same setup. Browser open showing either your product or web app.

UX Problems

The user test I observed saw users going through a set process and coming across an image on the website which looked like that of the top image, a Macbook Air containing a browser window showcasing a product. The group of users which were tested liked the design which was expected but one of the most apparent comments and questions was not. This comment and question stopped potential customers from buying the product.

“Hmm, that’s a Mac, I’ve got a windows machine I’m not sure if it will work on that.”

And that was it. Sale was lost. No further investigation, nothing. Plain gone.

So the next time you think about using an Apple machine or device in your designs, think about how it can effect the user and the potential lost of sale from a windows user. Try adjusting the overall graphic so not to show the full laptop but the screen instead.