Logo Design Process

Logo Design Process for threesixty

This logo design process was completed as part of a full branding and iPhone App design project which was undertaken quite a little while ago. threesixty at that time was a brand new tech startup with a fresh idea in the social exploration niche. Stephen, a Co-Founder of threesixty clearly laid out in the client worksheet what he was looking for in the logo.

threesixty had no prior logo or brand, but they did have a good idea about what their product was and what it would become. I was asked to create a logo with a full logo design process which would  be used in the mobile app and website, which both fitted in with the idea of the product.

Brainstorming and Sketching the Logo Design Process

Logo Design Process

Logo Design Process

Logo Design Process

As you can see from the photos above there were a few variations of the logo floating around however I felt I was covering too much ground with all of the sketches I made. I had one initial idea which made it’s way in the the bottom photography (pictured bottom left). It was possibly one of the most simple ideas I’d sketched out but made the most sense. Sometimes when you go through a logo design process like this it can become apparent early on that some of your ideas are better than others.

Even though I was personally swayed by that sketch I put together a couple of variations and sent them across to Stephen to get some thoughts.

Loog Design Process

The feedback was great and he was feeling drawn to the top left logo (as was I). The top right was limiting the size of the wording and the bottom two degree icons were too round. The top left used the same hand drawn style as the text.

Logo Design Process

A good all round project for a fantastic client. I wish them luck with their app.

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