A Fresh Change

On the 5th of August 2007 I wrote my first post on this blog. 5 years and 240 posts later I’ve finally stopped using a ‘theme’. It was about time for a fresh change.

In the early days I used a theme as I was new to any sort of blogging platform and I had absolutely no understanding of how WordPress was put together. My aim was to start writing as much as I could in hope that I’d become better at it. Over the years as I became busier I continued to use many different themes in an effort to keep a ‘fresh look’ but they were never mine, it was like living in a house that you didn’t own.

The theme which preceded this one was a heavy old lump and over the years the site became slower and slower. So I’m now in the process of stripping it all back, completely. I’m now using Viewport Industries ‘Starkers’ and coding it all up from scratch.

You may be inclined to ask why I’ve decided to push a half finished build out the door. In an effort to save my own sanity, it was best just to get going and effectively design the site in the wild. I’m aiming to keep chipping away at it bit by bit whilst starting to focus on the ‘Work’ area which I’ve never held on the site. It’s about time I started showcasing my work instead of using third-party apps to do that job for me.

For now, I wanted to keep the blog focused on what is at the core, the content I’ve been creating over the past five years. I’m looking forward to carrying on ¬†with building out the site as there is so much yet to do. Things may be a bit clunky and odd-looking in places but it’s about time there was some change!

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Head of Interaction and Service Design at DigitalDWP.