Over the past few weeks at Obox we’ve been working on a new Photography WordPress Theme called ‘Picks’. It’s a pretty incredible theme built primarily for people wanting to showcase their photo albums online whether they be professionals, amateur’s or just someone like me wanting to consolidate all of the photos I take of my baby daughter.

I’m also quite an avid fan of Instagram, as all of us are at Obox so when we began the process of building Picks, we also set about creating a new Instagram WordPress plugin. Meet ‘Easygram’.


Easygram Instagram Plugin

A WordPress plugin that allows you to create amazing blog posts or galleries for your WordPress website that include your Instagram photos. By simply installing the plugin to any WordPress theme and authorizing the connection with Instagram you can start adding your Instagram photos to your blog or website straight away.

The best thing about Easygram for me is that I can select multiple Instagram photos at a time to include them in my albums and galleries.

You can download ‘Easygram’ today.

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