Eating Your Own Dog Food

On October 1st 2012 I wrote about a ‘fresh change‘ for my little home on the web. I’d decided that I was no longer going to use a theme for the design and I’d reverted back to a barebones created by myself stylesheet. It didn’t last long.

We’ve been working tirelessly over the past few months at Obox on producing products which people can just use and Principles is one of those. A blogging theme where you can just write and writing is the focus. Not only that, but Principles also came with a portfolio element built in. Great for designers.

So after some mild customisations I ate my own dog food and got it installed. I’ll be filling out the portfolio section in due course but for now, it’s good to show off what we work on day in, day out.

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Head of Interaction and Service Design at DigitalDWP.