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I’ve been writing on this domain now for what is coming up to 6 years. Over those 6 years I’ve written a lot of different types of content, from movie reviews, to list posts to more in-depth how to articles.

I originally started writing here to help myself get better at writing – on leaving school I had good English grades but I knew I lacked greatly in being able to compose my thoughts in written form. Looking back on those early pieces, it horrifies me to think that things were much worse than I thought but I enjoy seeing the progression I’ve made. There is much more I need and want to accomplish to make myself believe I’ve become a better writer.

Often I put the lack of posts being published down to not having the time to write when in fact if you look at the statistics in my dashboard there are nearly 20 articles which haven’t been published. Those were usually started then not finished as I didn’t think it would help anyone who visited the site, I didn’t think my writing was going to be compelling enough.

In December, after visiting Build Conf in November and writing this piece whilst I was there, I began a short journey in my mind of analysing what I should do for me. I voiced an opinion that I was going through a slight self-inflicted confidence knock and it was something I wasn’t comfortable with. This was both with my writing and designing (things which I do on a daily basis).

After the Christmas break and a lot of thinking I realised that for me personally, I’ve entered a new chapter in my life. My Daughter is here, I’m now a Dad and that is something I will do good at. I want to give her the knowledge that having confidence in what you do is a good thing but also that concerning yourself about others opinions is a negative thing.

My Daughter without even knowing it is helping me out of my self-inflicted confidence knock. She is pushing me towards writing and designing things for myself and hopefully helping me to write more in a more compelling manner where I’m not actually stopping myself before I’ve even started.

If you’ve had similar thoughts to my own, that whatever you’re doing isn’t going to be good enough for other people, ignore them. Do what you want to do for yourself. Nothing else matters.

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Head of Interaction and Service Design at DigitalDWP.

One thought on “Compelling Writing”

  1. Dear Gavin,
    This post has come at the right moment for me, I have been for some time dealing with cancer things are getting better,it a whole new life.
    I have been wanting to write a blog but my English is shameful,so I been putting it off,hearing your words made me think and feel that I could do it, and will get better at it with time and most important is,I be doing it for me.

    Thank you,and best wishes in your life


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