The Apps/Services I Pay For…

Subscription payments models are becoming more and more popular for apps and services. I can remember a day when there was no such thing on the web but now, I’m finding that more and more services and apps are introducing subscriptions models for their services. This is something I whole-heartedly agree with as monthly micro-payments (less than £50) are easy to manage. Notice that I didn’t say ‘pay for’, I mean they’re easier to manage as in purchase/cancel or put on hold.

Apps/Services I Currently Pay For

  • Dropbox – I’m not sure I could live without this now
  • Spotify – The most affordable way to listen to music you want all day
  • Hosting
  • Domain Names
  • Google Apps for Business
  • Netflix
  • BufferApp

Apps/Services I used to pay for but cancelled

  • Treehouse – Didn’t get the whole Blue Peter vibe
  • Github – Wasn’t using it, however, I’m on the verge of buying again

Apps/Service I would pay for if they let me

  • Twitter – $5 a month and I’d *easily* do it
  • Codecademy – They’ve taken investment, I think their product is so strong they could have started charging ages ago

How about you?

What are the things that you pay for?

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One thought on “The Apps/Services I Pay For…”

  1. Netflix, Spotify x 2, Dropbox, Github (recent upgrade, fantastic service, used Beanstalk before for SVN, Stealthy (makes my US IP address a UK IP address so makes watching iPlayer from California possible), Amazon webspace (for backups using Jungledisk), Harvest (timesheets, invoicing)

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