Oh Carousels…

But the carousel is our prime real-estate.

I’d tend to disagree with the above. I believe, whatever a user interacts with and responds to is prime real-estate. Whenever they move their cursor, hover with their thumb, scroll up and down and stop for a millisecond with intent to think about whatever it is they’re looking at… that my friend is prime real-estate.

By nature we humans have a short amount of time on our hands. Browsing, viewing and reading amongst many others are actions a user will do. These take time. If you think that your image and text, 4 slides down inside of a carousel is going to get someones attention in those short milliseconds, I’d advise reviewing your content strategy.


A carousel changes from slide to slide every 2 – 3 seconds. 4 slides down is a minimum of 8 seconds away and if you think that 8 seconds is a short amount of time, count it out and you’ll quickly realise that it’s not. Within a few seconds your website visitor has searched, clicked or scrolled on your site, they’ve missed your ‘prime real-estate image’ by 6 seconds let alone any image after it.

If you were lucky, your website visitor clicked on the first image they saw in the carousel, for them it was a static image which didn’t move or change so I hope that particular image was your highest converting promotion. If you’re busy burying promotions into a carousel, should those images or promotions be displayed in a different way that isn’t buried 8 seconds deep into an animation on your page? ¬†When you’re putting actionable imagery inside of a carousel, then the thinking behind the content is likely misunderstood.

How about removing that carousel and creating actionable content that your customer would like to use and more importantly need?

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