IE6 and Vista do work together!

IE6Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) and 7 (IE7) working on Vista

Yes folks it does actually work. Originally I had thought that once you upgraded to IE7 it was inevitable that you were going to do a full un-install before getting to use IE6 to check your browser compatibility when designing websites. Well I am now putting that rumour to bed, cya, gone and bye-bye.

I run two machines when designing, the desktop with XP and IE7 and Firefox and my laptop with Vista installed (also IE7 as standard). This then started the problem of not being able to check the compatibility with IE6. I found myself trawling the internet trying to find a right way of doing it but always coming to a dead end with Vista forcing you to stop.

How to install IE6 onto Vista

The idea is to not actually install it on your machine, you simply install it on a virtual machine. Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 has been made available to download free here. You then need to download the Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image from here and extract the files to a location on your computer.

Launch the Virtual PC and go through the installation procedure, when it comes to ‘use an existing HDD browse for you VPC Image‘ and carry on with the setup. I chose to run IE6 on XP and bumped the amount of RAM up due to the laptop having 2gb worth so I had some to spare.

At the bottom of the Virtual PC window you will find a few icons, if you are having trouble connecting to the internet like I did, right click on the networking icon, then choose Shared Network connection.

This same process can be used to use IE6 on your XP based machine when you have already upgraded to IE7.

Xbox 360: Lie it down or stand it up?

Xbox 360I saw my Birthday come and go and it was the greatest! Jen went and bought me an Xbox 360 Premium with 3 games;

  • Gears of War
  • Crackdown
  • Forza 2

I had played Gears of War before and wasn’t too impressed, it seemed a little repetitive for my liking and I have a lot of love for first person shooters. According to a friend who is a huge fan of GoW, there are more than enough who also think the same as him. Maybe it will just take some getting used too but it certainly doesn’t feel like a full blown shooter in my eyes. Surely there is more to come for the Xbox 360.

Forza 2 is a great game and I’ve been ploughing through it to get every achievement that I can, I’m yet to fill all of the achievements up and wonder if it will ever happen in the life time of owning the Xbox 360.

I havn’t even touched Crackdown yet as I’ve been putting so many hours in to Forza but I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty with it. I went out to buy Bioshock, Tranformers, Spiderman and Call of Duty 3 since and have had a go at all of them but Bioshock.

Xbox 360: Lie it down or stand it up?

Now here is the thing, when the PS2 came out people complained that it used to scratch the discs when being stood up on its end. Then Microsoft go out and make the Xbox 360 which can also be stood on its end.

Rolled up with all of the “red lights of death” and the problems with them over heating, which is better? I think I will keep mine stood up on its end but heavily cooled if I can and out of direct sunlight when it is being used. I havn’t noticed any problems with it so far and hopefully won’t in the future.

Oh yeah, I am on Xbox Live also so if anyone wants to add me my gamertag is “Maugantias”.

What a week!

The Motorbike Accident

Jen and myself went to visit my Dad in the Lake District on the motorbike which is usually no drama and i’ve been over there plenty of times before taking various different routes sometimes in treachorous weather. Last Thursday was different, from the outset something just didn’t feel right. It was as though I wasn’t meant to be on the bike, I felt uncomfortable and in a bit of pain when I was riding. Jen felt the same and when we stopped half way through the journey over there we were both complaining of aches and pains. When we did finally reach my Dads and spent a bit of time with him, we thought about how much of a pain the journey home was going to be and how I longed to have just brought the car over, comfort, music and heat that’s all I really wanted and so did Jen.

We set off, got some petrol and headed upto Carlisle before setting off towards the A19. I was in slow moving traffic on the A6 just going over Warwick Bridge following a truck when all of a sudden there was an almighty screech of brakes and tyres and I had to contemplate a static truck in front of me with no warning. So I attempted to slow the bike down as much as possible but the inevitable was going to happen. My main priority was to keep Jen away from me and the truck so all of my weight went against the handle bars with me pushing my back into Jen.

The next thing I remember is hittng the truck with my head then getting up off the ground and shouting at Jen that I was ok, by now she was in shock and started shaking etc. Got her off the road then got the bike off the road and then felt the pain, knees, groin, shins, neck… everything started to hurt. Ambulance was on the scene pretty quick and they didnt like my neck hurting so off I went to the hospital for a check up. All is well and both Jen and I left with bumps and bruises and a bit of whiplash. The bike however is a bit worse for wear and I won’t be keeping it. My view is once you’ve come off the bike it won’t be the same again when you ride it.

Lancashire Countryside

The day after the crash and we were due to be heading down to Lancashire to spend some time away with Jen’s Mum and Dad at Higher Gills Farm. In the middle of the Pendle Hill area the farm is in the middle of no where and is one of the most peaceful places i’ve ever stayed at. Everything both Jen and I needed after our little incident!

The pictures are now in the flickr feed for anyone wanting to check them out!

My Operation

My long awaiting operation was scheduled for thursday (yesterday). I had polyps and serious blockages of the nose, and have had ever since I was a youngster. I have never been able to smell through my nose and have always had to resort to smell via my mouth which can be pretty disgusting at times with not knowing what smells are going to be waffting around you. So I went into the Freeman Hospital to have them removed yesterday, I am pretty groggy with just getting back a few hours ago so I will leave it there for today’s post.

Transformers: The Addiction

Transformers The MovieA long time ago when the Transformers cartoon was massive, I was a great fan. I never had the money to go out and get the Tranformers figures but my friend from 3 doors away could. We would watch a bit of Transformers and then play with the figures. Obviously as you get older you do forget about things apart from reminiscing about them now and then.

Transformers The Movie

They went and done it, they brought out the new movie. It has sent me Transformers mad again, I’m trying to get the original series (re-mastered) on DVD, I’ve bought posters, die-cast models, watched the movie twice at the cinema and listened to the album one hundred times to the frustration of Jen and to top it all off I nearly bought the sticker book.

The mad thing being that I don’t find it odd in the slightest. I have been called a big kid and told I need to grow up which brought about a response of “I am grown up thank you very much and I am quite happy with everything thinking I am mad for liking something which was so predominantly a part of my youth.”

You can find some photos of my die cast models in the flickr feed, however I won’t be putting the posters up until I have frames to put them in.

Obviously there will be people out there who have all the figurines from the first time Transformers was around, and they truly are the biggest fans of it but I am content with going crazy this time and I bet you Jen is hoping it doesn’t last to much longer… I might just go and watch the 1986 cartoon movie just to get even more excited. 🙂