There's always something

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In the last 4 roles I've held, within the first few months of joining something has happened that would cause a tectonic movement beneath my feet.

A role I joined in 2013 had its first CEO change in the weeks after I joined, the second CEO change within 3-6 months and another within 6-9 months.

The next role was at DWP and within a week or two Mike Bracken, Tom Loosemore and Ben Terrett left GDS, who had been the custodians of how we'd change the world in UK Gov at the time. I can still remember the day @benholliday told me that it'd be ok and "Please don't leave".

Funny thing being that just a few years later, and years of Ben becoming a friend as much as my manager, he then decided to leave just as I took on the role of Head of Interaction Design. Thankfully I had a gut feeling he was about to make his decision so it didn't rock the ground beneath me, however, was still a big loss.

Each time something happens you become a little more resilient to whatever may come next, you never quite know what's around the corner.


8 weeks ago I joined Shopify.

This week, we were notified of changes to Shopify's team.

If you're hiring, check LinkedIn or twitter with the #shopify tag. You'll find some of the most talented professionals you could come across. Shopify's hiring process makes sure it hires the best.

Needless to say, being 8 weeks in, the news came as a shock. As a leader I had to draw on all of the previous occasions where something wild has happened to support the team through it.

There's always something

Something always seems to happen. My spiritual side tells me it's a test to check on my resilience or it might just be a fluke.

Either way, there are learnings throughout them all.