30 Days of Night Movie Review

30 Days of NightA modern day vampire movie

Most of us have seen Underworld, Dawn of the Dead and the numerous TV series about Vampires. 30 Days of Night was the second “scary” movie of the Haloween time that i’ve seen, Saw 4 being the first. Saw 4 had a different type of scary which wasn’t so much scary but more gross. Throw in some nutters with way to many teeth and a lust for blood and you get to my type of jumpy scary.

The movie is set in a small isolated town called Barrow in Alaska, which for 30 days every winter is thrown into complete darkness. Most of the towns people go elsewhere and some stay. Un-beknown to them, a group of people arrive (the ones with lots of teeth – vampires) and wreak havoc on the towns people who have stayed around. Taking advantage of the 30 days of night to feed upon the people left around town and helped out by the occasional half-turned person it is left to the Sheriff (Josh Hartnett) and his wife Stella (Melissa George) to help save the people who are left. They try everything to stay alive until the daylight arrives after the 30 days of night.

Very jumpy and violent

I wasn’t sure what to expect of the movie to be honest, I had watched the trailer before seeing 30 days of night but it doesn’t give much away at all. Plenty of viewers were jumping and squirming throughout the movie, and it definitely caught me out on a few occasion’s, not helped by Jen who jumps at the drop of a hat.

30 days of night brings a modern twist to the vampire movie collection where it is actually jumpy because it is set now in a normal north-american town, not in the future or in the past with made up facts. The movie throws superstition out of the window, no silver bullets or wooden stakes just axes and light (where it can be found).

So how was 30 Days of Night?

Josh Hartnett’s wisdom to last out the 30 days in the town and avoiding the vampires was obviously going to make the film what it was, due to them not being able to stay in one place because the vampires were going from one home to the next ran-sacking them and killing anyone they found, from one moment he was saying they had to ration the food and the next it was popping up with 7th day you did wonder what happened the rest of the days…

The gore was good, the sound and music were also good and did have a great effect on the movie to make it a little more jumpy, I would say though that it was a newer town version of Dawn of the Day but made slightly better with better effects and acting. There were no wooden stakes or silver bullets to be seen anywhere and instead of the old fangs the vampires had a plentifull amount of teeth which they certainly put to good use.

Overall Rating

I did enjoy the movie, like I said the effects were good and the movie itself was better than I thought it was going to be. It was nice to see the changes in the Vampires genre.

Overall Rating: 4/5