I awoke this morning to the iPhone alarm singing as loudly as it ever does. For the first time in a while I had the urge to check Twitter and immediately saw the news about Steve.

My immediate thought was deep sadness that he wasn’t going to be with us anymore. He was easily one of the greatest influencers on life that I will probably come across in my life-time and the troubling illness he had been suffering from had taken him away.

I’m an apple fanboy through and through. I love the products they create and am amazed by their repeated technology innovations. But, I know they will carry on. There are so many great minds at Apple and I’m quite sure they will never fail to ┬árealise Steve’s ambitions of perfection.

I’ve been feeling an uncomfortable sadness since early this morning about a person that I never met nor would have ever had the chance to either. The biggest thing I’ll miss is Steve’s incredible ability to use language in such a way that you can’t help but listen and smile at every word. Even when answering a challenging question, he used the power of pause to think about the words he was to deliver and in turn make every word believable.

Steve, I’ll miss your words.

Rest now, you did great. Thank you.

Apple Web Design Guide circa 1996

A great find by Graham Smith (@imjustcreative). The Apple Web Design Guide circa 1996 containing beautiful words such as the paragraph below;

The design of your Web site should be determined by the information you want to communicate. Define your content before you spend a lot of time on page design. You don’t want to invest a lot of time and effort in page layout and navigation design only to later find that your design doesn’t work for your content or purpose of your site.

Check out the original article on Graham’s website. The link to the PDF is in the article.

The Larger Scratchable Surface (iPad)

Well that was a surprise. Not the fact that it was indeed an Apple Tablet but the fact that it looked great yet was in simple terms, a bigger iPod Touch.

There were so many assumptions flying around the internet with regards to the name that everyone was potentially decided on the iSlate, which to be quite honest is a very cool name and one I had a personal preference with.

Then came the iPad announcement. What in the WORLD were they thinking. It sounds like something a woman would carry in a bag. I mean really, it’s not exactly, erm… well ya know? Right?

I’d heard rumours about the price being around the 00-00 mark some time ago, of which was pretty expensive (depending on the features it rolled out with). We’re now being told the lowest model will ship at a cost of 9. Not bad in all fairness. Around the same cost as the iPhone was shipping at when they first came out.

The features are massively lacking in my eyes, the iPad is just an oversized iPod Touch. I put my view forward on twitter for someone to reply;

try surfing the web on an iPhone for 2 hours. The screen is too small.
Stephen Allred

Stephen was right, surfing the web on an iPhone for anything longer than 5 to 10 minutes can make you go cross-eyed quickly and you end up with some sort of crab hand within twenty minutes however the iPhone is a mobile device. The iPad seems like an inbetweener. It’s in a middle ground area where it’s not either. It’s certainly not something that you’d pull out on the bus and start using. You’re not about to carry it in a pocket and listen to music on it.

It’s also not something that I think I’d find myself using. My macbook covers all areas that I think need to be covered. If the iPad had a much more unique offering tailored to it’s unique design and build I think I’d force myself to buy one.

Don’t get me wrong I’m as much an apple fanboy as the apple fan however it’s just not something I can see myself using over my macbook. It seems very much like an introductory piece of hardware.