Awesome charity website designs

Charities are often in the spotlight whether it be in the news or advertisements. Both local, national and international charities fight hand over fist to become more prominent in the press. Usually, Charities do very well with printed advertisements, radio adverts and TV slots but when it comes to the web many websites are let down by very poor design.

Smaller charities are often supported by local companies and offered free services in return for some press coverage. Larger charities however can offer money in return for an outstanding website. You’d think that many design agencies working with a charity would do their utmost to prove their worth and show their skill set in return for free press, from the research which we did of a wide range of UK and International Charities this is not the case.

In this showcase, you will find a variety of charity websites with informative beautiful design. The following designs are 10 of the best Charity websites out there.

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day has an awesome, clean, hand drawn style.

“In schools, offices and homes across the land, everyone wears – you’ve guessed it – the latest Red Nose and does whatever tickles their fancy to raise cash. You name it, they do it!”

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